Kathisma Reading
“Blessed is the man…” is sung.

At Psalm 140

In Tone 1

  1. Lead my soul forth from prison* that I may give thanks to Your name.

Accept our evening prayer, O holy Lord,
and grant us forgiveness of sins,
for You alone manifested the Resurrection to the world.

  1. The just shall gather around me* when You have been good to me.

O you people, walk around Zion and encompass her.
And there give glory to Him Who is risen from the dead.
For He is our God
Who delivers us from our sins.

  1. Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord;* O Lord, hear my voice!

Come you people, praise and worship Christ.
Glorify His Resurrection from the dead;
for He is our God Who delivered the world
from the deceit of the enemy.

  1. Let Yours ears be attentive* to the voice of my prayer.

Rejoice, O you heavens;
sound the trumpets, you foundations of the earth;
cry out with joy, O you mountains.
For behold, Emmanuel has nailed our sins to the Cross;
the Giver of Life has put Death to death;
and the Lover of Mankind
has raised up Adam.

In Tone 4

  1. If You mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand?* But with You forgiveness is that You may be revered.

He who covers Himself with light as with a garment
has granted for our sakes to become as we are.
Today He is covered by the streams of the Jordan,
though He has no need to be cleansed by them:
But through the cleansing that He Himself receives –
Wonder! He bestows regeneration on us!
He refashions without shattering,
and without fire, He casts anew,
and He saves those who are enlightened in Him,
Christ our God, the Saviour of our souls.

  1. I have waited for You as You have commanded; my soul patiently relies on Your promise,* for it has trusted in the Lord.

John the Baptist saw You draw near,
Who cleanse the sin of the world by Spirit and by fire.
He cried aloud in fear and trembling, and said:
I dare not touch Your immaculate head.
Sanctify me, Master, by Your epiphany,
only Lover of mankind!

  1. From the morning watch until night* let Israel trust in the Lord.

Come, like the wise virgins,
let us go and meet the Master Who has appeared:
For as a Bridegroom He has come forth to John.
The Jordan, seeing You, was driven back in fear;
John cried out: I dare not touch Your immortal head.
The Spirit came down in the form of a dove, hallowing the waters,
and a voice called from on high:
This is my Son Who has come into the world to save mankind.
O Lord, Glory to You.

  1. For with the Lord there is mercy, and with Him there is plentiful redemption;* and He shall redeem Israel from all its iniquities.

The glorious Hermylus and the God-wise Stratonicus
were a wondrous pair who professed the uncreated Trinity.
After many wounds and sufferings
they conquered the error of worshipping many gods.
They have been crowned with the crown of victory,
and they pray for peace and great mercy for the whole world.

  1. Praise the Lord, all the nations;* proclaim His glory, all you people.

O Martyr, you were a servant of the Word.
O Hermylus, you were chosen as a deacon by the Divine Spirit.
The sacred and splendid robes of your diaconate
were coloured by the flowing of your blood;
having perfected your ministry,
you now pass over into the spiritual kingdom,
and you pray fervently for those who venerate you.

  1. Strong is the love of the Lord for us;* eternally will His truth endure.

Having suffered stoning at the command of the torturer,
you were thrown into a basket and were drowned.
Through your blessed death you drown the most evil enemy.
Now you are living joyously in heaven,
and you pray for everyone, O courageous martyrs.

In Tone 8, Glory…

Today the creation is enlightened!
Today all nature is glad:
Things of heaven, and things on earth.
Angels and men come together,
for where the King is present, there also his army goes.
Let us run, then, to the Jordan;
let us all see how John baptizes a sinless and uncreated Head!
And therefore let us together cry aloud,
echoing the voice of the apostle:
The grace of God bringing salvation to all men has appeared,
shining upon the faithful and granting them great mercy!

In Tone 1, Now…

Let us sing a hymn of praise to the Virgin Mary,
glory of the whole world!
She was herself formed by human seed,
yet she became the Mother of the Master, the Gate of heaven,
the theme of the angels’ hymn and beauty of the faithful.
She was seen as being heavenly
and the Tabernacle of the Godhead.
She indeed tore down the wall of enmity between God and man,
and brought peace in its place, she opened up the kingdom of heaven.
Let us therefore cling fast to her for she is the anchor of faith,
and let us receive as our stronghold the Lord Who was born of her.
Be of good cheer, then, and have confidence, O people of God,
for He will fight our enemies for us, He is all-powerful!


In Tone 1

O Christ, by Your Passion we have been freed from suffering;
and by Your Resurrection we have been delivered from corruption.
O Lord, glory to You!

The Lord reigns, He is clothed in majesty. Robed is the Lord, and girt about with strength.

Let all creation rejoice, let the heavens be glad,
let the nations clap their hands with joy.
For Christ our Saviour, in His love for mankind,
has nailed our sins to the Cross;
He has put Death to death,
and by raising our fallen forefather, Adam,
He has given life to all mankind.

For He has made the world firm, which shall not be moved.

O God, You are above all understanding;
You are King and Lord of heaven and earth.
Yet of Your own free will,
You allowed Yourself to be crucified because of Your love for mankind.
When You descended below,
Hades was filled with bitterness as You confronted it;
but the souls of the just received You with great joy.
Adam arose when he saw You, his Creator, down in the depths.
What a wonder this is!
You are the life of all and have tasted death
in order to dispel the darkness of the world with Your light.
O Lord, risen from the dead, glory to You!

Holiness befits Your house, O Lord, for length of days.

The myrrh-bearing women were filled with grief
as they hastened with spices to Your tomb;
but they did not find Your most pure body.
Instead, they found an angel
who proclaimed Your unique and glorious Resurrection,
and commanded them to announce to Your Apostles:
The Lord is risen, granting great mercy to the world.


O Mother of God, the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled,
since you remained a virgin both before and after giving birth.
For it was God Who was born of you to restore our human nature.
Therefore, do not overlook your servants who supplicate you in your temple.
Since you have held the merciful Lord in your arms,
be compassionate toward your servants,
and beseech Him to save our souls.

In Tone 8, Now…

Today the armies of angels are amazed,
seeing You stand naked in Jordan’s waters, Saviour,
bowing Your pure head to be baptized by John!
By Your voluntary poverty
You have filled the universe with riches!
O Lord, glory to You!


In Tone 1
Though the stone was sealed by the Judeans* and soldiers guarded Your most pure body,* You arose, O Saviour, on the third day* and gave life to the world.* And so the heavenly powers cried out You, O Giver of Life:* Glory to Your Resurrection, O Christ!* Glory to Your Kingdom!* Glory to Your saving plan!** O only Lover of Mankind.

In Tone 1, Glory… Now…
At Your Baptism in the Jordan river, O Christ,* the worship due to the Holy Trinity was made manifest,* for the voice of the Father bore You witness by calling You “Beloved Son”* and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove,* confirmed the immutability of this declaration.* O Christ God, who came forth and filled the world with light: * Glory to You!



Antiphon 1
When Israel came forth from Egypt, the house of Jacob from an alien people.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God,* O Saviour, save us.
Judah became His sanctuary, Israel His dominion.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God,* O Saviour, save us.
The sea beheld this and fled,* the Jordan turned back on its course.

Through the prayers of the Mother of God,* O Saviour, save us.
Why was it, O sea, that you fled,* that you, O Jordan, turned back on your course?

Through the prayers of the Mother of God,* O Saviour, save us.
Glory…  Now… Only-Begotten Son…

Antiphon 3
Come, let us sing joyfully to the Lord, let us acclaim God, our Saviour.

Son of God, baptized by John in the Jordan, save us who sing to You: Alleluia.
Let us come before His face with praise, and acclaim Him in psalms.

Son of God, baptized by John in the Jordan, save us who sing to You: Alleluia.
For God is the great Lord, and the great king over all the earth.

Son of God, baptized by John in the Jordan, save us who sing to You: Alleluia.

Come, let us worship and fall down before Christ.

Son of God, baptized by John in the Jordan, save us who sing to You: Alleluia.

Troparia and Kontakia
Troparion, Tone 1: Though the stone was sealed by the Judeans,* and soldiers guarded Your most pure body,* You arose, O Saviour, on the third day,* and gave life to the world.* And so the heavenly powers cried out to You, O Giver of Life:* Glory to Your resurrection, O Christ!* Glory to Your kingdom!* Glory to Your saving plan,* O only Lover of mankind.

Troparion, Tone 1: When You, O Lord, were baptized in the Jordan,* worship of the Trinity was revealed;* the voice of the Father bore witness to You,* naming You the beloved Son,* and the Spirit in the form of a dove confirmed the word’s certainty.* Glory to You, O Christ God,* who appeared and enlightened the world.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and for ever and ever. Amen.

Kontakion, Tone 4: Today, You have appeared to the world* and Your light, O Lord, has been signed on us,* who with knowledge sing Your praises.* You have come, You have appeared, O unapproachable Light.

Prokeimenon, Tone 1
Let your mercy, O Lord, be upon us* as we have hoped in you.

verse: rejoice in the Lord, O you just; praise befits the righteous. (Psalm 32:2,1)

Ephesians 4:7-13

Alleluia, Tone 5
verse: Your mercies, O Lord, I will sing for ever; from generation to generation I will announce Your truth with my mouth.

verse: For You have said: Mercy shall be built up for ever; in the heavens Your truth shall be prepared. (Psalm 88:2,3)

Matthew 4:12-17

Hymn to the Mother of God
O my soul, magnify Christ the King, baptized in the Jordan.

and the Irmos: Every tongue is at a loss to praise you as is your due, O Mother of God. Even a spirit from above is filled with dizziness when seeking to sing your praises. But since you are good accept our faith, for you know well our love inspired by God. For it is you who protect all Christians; therefore, we magnify you.

Communion Hymn
The grace of God has appeared* bringing salvation to all. (Titus 2:11)* Praise the Lord from the heavens;* praise Him in the highest.*  Alleluia, alleluia,* alleluia. (Psalm 148:1)

Instead of “Blessed is He who comes…” we sing:
All creation is filled with rejoicing today, for Christ is baptized in the Jordan.

Instead of “We have seen the true light…” we sing:
All creation is filled with rejoicing today, for Christ is baptized in the Jordan.

Instead of “May our mouths…” and “Blessed be the Name…” we sing:
All creation is filled with rejoicing today, for Christ is baptized in the Jordan. (3)

Неділя пiсля Богоявлення; Свв. мчч. Єрмола і Стратоніка – 13 січня

Антифон 1
Стих 1: Во ізході Ізраїлевім із Єгипту, дому Якова із людей варварів;* Стала Юдея святиня його, Ізраїль – володіння його (Пс 113,1-2).
Приспів: Молитвами Богородиці, Спасе, спаси нас.

Стих 2: Море виділо і побігло, Йордан повернувся назад (Пс 113,3).
Приспів: Молитвами Богородиці, Спасе, спаси нас.

Стих 3: Що з тобою, море, що ти побігло, і з тобою, Йордане, що ти повернувся назад? (Пс 113,5)
Приспів: Молитвами Богородиці, Спасе, спаси нас.
+Слава Отцю, і Сину, і Святому Духові. І нині, і повсякчас, і на віки вічні. Амінь. Єдинородний Сину…

Антифон 3
Співаємо звичайні третій антифон, але зі приспівom:
Спаси нас, Сину Божий, що хрестився в Йордані від Івана, співаємо Тобі: Алилуя.

Прийдіте поклонімося і припадім до Христа. Спаси нас, Сину Божий, що хрестився в Йордані від Івана, співаємо Тобі: Алилуя.
Тропарі і Кондаки

Тропар (глас 1): Хоч запечатали камінь юдеї* і воїни стерегли пречисте тіло Твоє,* воскрес Ти, Спасе, на третій день,* даруючи життя світові.* Тому сили небесні взивали до Тебе, Життєдавче:* Слава воскресінню Твоєму, Христе,* слава царству Твоєму,* слава провидінню Твоєму,* єдиний Чоловіколюбче!
Тропар (глас 1): Коли в Йордані хрестився ти, Господи,* Троїчне явилося поклоніння:* бо Родителя голос свідчив тобі,* возлюбленим Сином тебе називаючи;* і Дух у виді голубинім засвідчив твердість слова.* Явився ти, Христе Боже,* і світ просвітив, слава тобі.

+Слава Отцю, і Сину, і Святому Духові. І нині, і повсякчас, і на віки вічні. Амінь.

Кондак (глас 4): Явився єси днесь вселенній* і світло твоє, Господи, знаменувалося на нас,* що зі зрозумінням оспівуємо тебе:* Прийшов єси і явився єси – Світло неприступне.

Прокімен (глас 1):
Будь, Господи, милість твоя на нас,* бо уповали ми на тебе (Пс 32,22).
Стих: Радуйтеся, праведні, у Господі, правим належить похвала (Пс 32,1).

Апостол: (Еф 4,7-13):
Браття і Сестри, кожному з нас дана благодать за мірою Христових дарів. Тому й сказано: “Вийшов на висоту, забрав у полон бранців, дав дари людям.” А те “вийшов” що означає, як не те, що він був зійшов і в найнижчі частини землі? Той же, хто був зійшов на низ, це той самий, що вийшов найвище всіх небес, щоб усе наповнити. І він сам настановив одних апостолами, інших – пророками, ще інших – євангелистами і пастирями, і вчителями, для вдосконалення святих на діло служби, на будування Христового тіла, аж поки ми всі не дійдемо до єдности в вірі й до повного спізнання Божого Сина, до звершености мужа, до міри повного зросту повноти Христа.

Алилуя (глас 5):
Стих: Милості твої, Господи, повік оспівуватиму, сповіщу з роду в рід істину твою устами моїми (Пс 88,2).
Стих: Бо сказав т и: Повік милість збудується, на небесах приготовиться істина твоя (Пс 88,3)

Євангеліє: (Мт 4,12-17):
В томи часі почувши, що Йоана ув’язнено, Ісус повернувся в Галилею і, покинувши Назарет, пішов і оселився в Капернаумі, що при морі, на границях Завулона та Нафталі, щоб збулося те, що сказав був пророк Ісая: “О земле Завулона та земле Нафталі, приморський шляху, країно за Йорданом, поганська Галилеє! Народ, який сидів у темноті побачив велике світло; тим, що сиділи в країні й тіні смерти, – зійшло їм світло.” З того часу Ісус почав проповідувати й говорити: “Покайтесь, бо Небесне Царство близько.”

Замість Достойно:
Величай, душе моя, Царя Христа, що хрестився в Йордані.
Ірмос (глас 2): Не зуміє ніякий язик достойно благохвалити, тривожиться й ум, і то надсвітній, коли оспівує тебе, Богородице; одначе ти, благая, прийми віру, бо любов нашу божественну знаєш, бо ти є християн заступниця, тебе величаємо.

Явилася благодать Божа спасительна всім людям (Тит 2,11).* Хваліте Господа з небес, хваліте Його на висотах (Пс 148,1). Алилуя (х3).

Згідно Галицької традиції, ми співаємо: Всесвіт днесь радістю сповняється, Христос хрестився в Йордані.
Замість “Ми бачили світло істинне…” (x1) “
Нехай сповняться уста…” (x3) і
“Нехай буде ім’я…” (x3).