Story and photos by Jayne L. Buryn, Communications Coordinator, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

January 8, 2018: Once again this year, the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton Pastoral Centre rang with the sound of music. The custom of singers visiting homes and other facilities singing Ukrainian carols during the Christmas season is a longtime tradition of Ukrainians around the world. It has been played out at the Pastoral Centre for many years.

Three groups responded to this season’s invitation of Bishop David Motiuk to entertain staff and visitors at the Centre on January 3, 2018: the Eparchial Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada executive, and Edmonton’s Dormition of the Mother of God and St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Catholic parishes.  

The UCWLC, led by exiting president, Joyce Chrunik-Rudiak, sang with beautifully harmonized voices.

An appreciative audience obviously enjoyed the music. Some smiled their pleasure, while others were inspired to join in the singing.

Dormition of the Mother of God parish in Edmonton brought young and old together to carol for the Bishop, staff and visitors at the Pastoral Centre. Parish pastor, Fr. Danylo Kuc and his wife, Monica, parish cantor, were also joined by their sons, Demetrius and John.


St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Catholic parish came with song and a play staged by a group of parish youngsters, led by parents and parish pastor Fr. Ivan Nykyforuk and his wife, Lydia. On the heels of a rehearsal, young actors rush in to show off their thespian skills to Bishop David and Pastoral Centre audience:


After feeding the soul, it was time to feed the body as the Pastoral Centre provided carolers with post-entertainment sustenance.





May this wonderful tradition continue to be a reality in the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton for many years. All members of the Eparchial community are encouraged to respond to the Bishop’s invitation next year.