The Annual Clergy Study Days took place on October 30-November 2. The theme was “The Theology of Ad-ministration – The Ministry of Management.”

  • Sharing in Christ’s Ministry:  to teach, to sanctify, and to shepherd;
  • The Leadership Style of Jesus;
  • Pope Francis and the Joy of the Gospel;
  • Communicating the Word of God;
  • Fostering Volunteerism;
  • Fostering Lay Leadership;
  • Stewardship of Time and Energy:  a personal call to ministry;
  • Stewardship of Talent:  leadership and emotional intelligence;
  • Stewardship of Treasure:  financial management and what to do with the numbers;
  • Dealing with Difficult People;
  • Theology of Harmony:  the Twelve Apostles and Brotherhood.

Presenters include:  Sr. Zoe Bernatsky, ssmi, Jayne Buryn, Stan Fisher, Teresa Kellendonk, Iryna Laschuk, Bishop David Motiuk, Rev. Myron Pyszcz, Fr. Stephen Wojcichowsky, and Dr. Theresa Zolner.