Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association of Canada Edmonton Branch
10611 – 110 Avenue, T5H 1H7

On April 26, 1986, an explosion destroyed reactor No. 4 at Chernobyl’s Nuclear Power Station in the former Soviet Union. Soviet authorities covered the area with secrecy, they told people they had nothing to worry about. Authorities told people it would only be for three days — one of many lies. Workers and firemen rushed to fight the blazes without protective gear because they were not aware of the danger nor told what they were fighting.

To this day, cancer and death toll estimates are in a shockingly wide range: the World Health Organization has estimated that 4,000 other fatalities will eventually be linked to this worst nuclear power plant disaster in History. 5 million people still live on heavily contaminated lands in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The true impact from Chernobyl may not be known for decades to come because radiation virtually never dies. Thirty years later and the Chernobyl crippled reactor still has the power to kill. A giant arch taller than the ATB Place and wider than Commonwealth Stadium is being built to cover the damaged reactor like a casserole, but as violence grips Ukraine, one of the arch’s contractors has backed out, project is $770 million short and plagued by repeated delays.

Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association, Edmonton Branch, under the direction of the late President Eugene Harasymiw, planted an oak tree and laid this plaque in commemoration to those workers and firemen who dedicated their lives to contain this invisible and deadly blanket.

We are extremely grateful that this Chernobyl memorial has a place and will remind us of the sacrifices made by the Ukrainian workers. We want to thank UCC – Edmonton Branch for organizing this event and UCC –APC and UCC National for continuing to make Alberta and Canada aware of this tragedy.

Yours Truly
Marshall Opyr
TYC President


ЧОРНОБИЛЬ 1986 – 2016. Remembering Chornobyl Catastrophe: 30 years since the Chornobyl nuclear power plant’s explosion caused the biggest environmental disaster of the 20th century. Bishop Ilarion (Ukrainian Orthodox Church) and Bishop David (Ukrainian Catholic Church), together with clergy and laity celebrated at Comemorative Panachyda on April 26 at the Chornobyl catastrophe commemorative plaque at Hawrelak Park, Edmonton. The event was organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Edmonton Branch.