2024  Camrose  District  Parishes  Schedule

Revised November 16-2023

Fr Danylo Bodnar  parish priest

4823 – 53A Street, Camrose, AB  Canada T4V 1Z8  rectory address

1-780-679-0975  office telephone

1-780-915-8936  cellphone     

Assumption of the B.V.M. – Daysland

Ascension of Our Lord – Kopernick      

Ascension of Our Lord – New Kiew

Descent of the Holy Spirit – Holden town

Exaltation of the Holy Cross – Hay Lakes

Holy Trinity – Calmar town

Holy Trinity – Leduc

Holy Trinity – Plain Lake

Immaculate Conception – Calmar farm

Nativity of St. John the Baptist – Thorsby

Presentation of the B.V.M. – Holden farm

Protection of the B.V.M. – Camrose

St. John the Baptist – Borschiw

St. NicholasBuchach

Transfiguration of Our Lord – Round Hill



Sunday of the Feast of the Circumcision / St Basil

01 (Mon)         10:00am          Camrose

Feast of Theophany / Blessing of Water

06 (Sat)           06:00pm          Camrose

Nativity of Christ – Christmas / JULIAN Calendar

07 (Sun)          10:30am          Holden farm   

Sunday of Zaccheus / Blessing of Water

14 (Sun)          09:00am          Holden town

                        12:00pm          Thorsby          

Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee / Blessing of Water

21 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        11:30am          New Kiew       

Sunday of the Prodigal Son / Blessing of Water

28 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm          Calmar farm




Feast of the Encounter of Our Lord in the Temple

02 (Friday)      06:00pm          Camrose        

Sunday of the Meat-Fare

04 (Sun)          12:00pm          Thorsby

Sunday of Cheese Fare – Forgiveness Sunday

11 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

Sunday of Great Lent – Sunday of Orthodoxy

18 (Sun)          09:00am  Holden farm water blessing

                        11:30am          New Kiew

Second Sunday of Lent

25 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm   Calmar farm candle blessing



Special Voluntary Collection:
Aid to the Missionary Church in Canada

Third Sunday of Lent / Veneration of the Cross

03 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm          Holden farm

Fourth Sunday of Lent /

10 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12;00 PM        Calmar farm   

Fifth Sunday of Lent

17 (Sun)          11:30am          New Kiew


19 (Tues)         6:30pm         Thorsby/Lenten Mission

20 (Wed)         6;30pm       Camrose/Lenten Mission

21 (Thur)         6:30pm      New Kiew/Lenten Mission

Willow (Palm) Sunday

23 (Sat)           11:00am          Borschiw

24 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm          Plain Lake

Feast of Annunciation

25 (Mon)         9:00am            Camrose

Good Friday

29 (Fri)            09:00am          Camrose

                   11:30am          Thorsby

                        02:00pm          Holden town

                        04:30pm          New Kiew

Easter Sunday

30 (Sat)           12:00pm          Thorsby

                        03:00pm          Holden town

                        05:30pm          Plain Lake

31 (Sun)          08:00am          Camrose

                       11:30am           New Kiew


Special Voluntary Collection:
Gift of Love
for Bishop/Pastor

Second Sunday of Pascha Sunday of St. Thomas

06 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm          Holden farm

Third Sunday of Pascha (Myrrh-Bearing Women)

14 (Sun))         09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm          Thorsby          

Fourth  Sunday of Pascha (Healing of the Paralytic)

21 (Sun)          11:30am          New Kiew

Fifth Sunday of Pascha Sunday of the Samaritan Women)

27 (Sat)           12:00pm         Calmar farm

28 (Sun)           09:00am         Borschiw

                        12:00pm    Round Hill  Grave Blessings


Sixth Sunday of Pascha/Man Born Blind

04 (Sat)           10:30am      Thorsby Grave Blessings

05 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm       Holden farm

Feast of Ascension

09 (Thur)         06:00pm          Camrose

Seventh Sunday of Pascha First Ecumenical Council

11 (Sat)           10:00am          Leduc Grave Blessings

12 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm       Daysland Grave Blessings

Descent of the Holy Spirit

18 (Sat)          10:00am   Calmar farm                                                                                         

19 (Sun)          10:00am    Plain Lake Grave Blessings

                         02:30pm   Buchach Grave Blessings

First Sunday after Pentecost

25 (Sat)           10:00am  Holden town Grave Blessings

26 (Sun)          09:00am          Round Hill

                        11:30pm    New Kiew Grave Blessings


Second Sunday after Pentecost

01 (Sat)           10:30am     Borschiw Grave Blessings

02 (Sun)          10:30am     Hay Lakes Grave Blessings

Third Sunday after Pentecost

08 (Sat)           10:30am  Calmar town Grave Blessings

09 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        11:00am  Holden farm Grave Blessings

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

15 (Sat)           11:00am          Thorsby

16 (Sun)          09:00am          Holden town

                        11:30am          New Kiew

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

22 (Sat)           10:30am          Leduc

23 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm  Calmar farm Grave Blessings

Feast of Saints Peter & Paul

29 (Sat)           05:00pm          Round Hill

30 (Sun)          09:00am          Daysland

                        12:00pm          Plain Lake


Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

07 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        11:30am          Thorsby

                Pentecost / Grave Blessings       

14 (Sun)          09:00am          Holden farm

                        11:30am          New Kiew       

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

20 (Sat)           10:30am          Calmar town

21 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm          Daysland

Nineth Sunday after Pentecost

27 (Sat)           09:00am          Round Hill

                        12:00pm          Calmar farm

28 (Sun)          09:00am          Borschiw




Sunday of the Feast of the Transfiguration

03 (Sat)           10:30am          Thorsby

04 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        11:30am          Round Hill * praznyk              

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

10 (Sat)           10:30am          Holden farm

11 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm          Calmar town

Dormition of the Mother of God

15 (Tue)          06:00pm          Camrose

Twelvth Sunday after Pentecost

17 (Sat)           11:00am          Leduc

18 (Sun)          11:30am          New Kiew

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

24 (Sat)           05:00pm          Calmar farm

25 (Sun)          09:00am          Daysland
                        11:45am          Plain Lake


Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

01 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm          Thorsby

Feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God

07 (Sat)             10:00am        Daysland

08 (Sun)            11:00am        Leduc

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

14 (Sat)           09:00am          New Kiew

15 (Sun)          09:00am          Calmar town

                        12:00pm          Holden farm

22 (Sun)          09:00am          Round Hill


Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

29 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm          Calmar farm


Sunday of the Feast of the Protection of the BVM

06 (Sun)          09:00am          Thorsby
                        12:00pm          Camrose (Praznyk)

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

13 (Sun)          09:00am          Round Hill

                        11:30am          Borschiw

Sunday of the Seventh Ecumenical Council

20 (Sun)          09:00am          Holden farm
                        11:30am          New Kiew

Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost

27 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm          Calmar farm


            Twenty Second Sunday after Pentecost

03 (Sun)          11:00 am         Plain Lake 

Synaxis of St Michael the Archangel

08 (Fri)             5:00pm            Camrose

Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost

10 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        11:30am          New Kiew

Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost / St Josaphat

17 (Sun)          09:00am          Holden town
                        12:00pm          Calmar farm

Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple

21 (Tue)          06:00pm          Camrose

Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

23 (Sat)           10:30am          Holden farm

24 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose
                        12:00pm          Thorsby


TWO Special Voluntary Collections:
Bishop’s Appeal, Gift of Love
for Bishop/Pastor

Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

01 (Sun)          10:30am          Holden farm praznyk

Feast of St Nicholas the Wonderworker

06 (Fri)            06:00pm          Camrose        

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM

08  (Sun)         10:30am          Calmar farm   

Twenty-Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

15 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose

                        12:00pm          Thorsby

Sunday of the Holy Fore-Fathers of Christ

22 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose


Nativity of Christ – Christmas Eve / GREGORIAN Calendar

24 (Tue)          10:30am          Holden town
                        04:30pm          Calmar town
                        11:30pm          New Kiew

Nativity of Christ – Christmas Day / GREGORIAN Calendar

25 (Wed)         10:00am          Camrose

Sunday before Theophany

29 (Sun)          09:00am          Camrose