Saturday Evening, September 16th at Holy Dormition Church in Myrnam, AB:

5:30 pm – Great Vespers with Litiya & Festal Matins Vigil
– Solemn Exaltation of the Precious and Life-creating Cross & Myrovannya
– First Hour
– Refreshments & Fellowship


Sunday Morning, September 17th at the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Derwent:

9:00 am – Sacramental Mystery of Repentance (Confession) available

10:00 am – Festal Divine Liturgy with Solemn Exaltation of the Precious and Life-creating Cross
Water Blessing & Myrovannya
– Festal-Fasting Meal, Fellowship and Icon Store of the Nuns of Holy Resurrection Monastery



Sunday Evening, September 14th at Monastic Skete:

5:30 pm – Solemn Moleben (Prayer Service) in Honour of the Precious and Life-creating Cross
– Festal-Fasting Meal, Fellowship and the Lighting of the Festal Signal-Vohun of the Feast




 Dear brother priests, deacons, dobrodiki and clergy families of the Eparchy, a special invitation goes out to you to attend the Sunday 5:30 pm Moleben and festal ‘fasting’ meal and fellowship after your Sunday services. (Please bring Pidriassnyk and Red Epitrachil)


* The Icon Store *

The St. Joseph nuns of holy resurrection monastery in Saskatoon will be bringing many icons and religious goods from Ukraine to the Church in Derwent and to the monastic Skete, the proceeds of which support their many and varied good works for the poor in Canada and Ukraine.

Plan to buy something for yourself or others, have it blessed, and thus support their wonderful works!