The Rosary: The Prayer Rule of the Mother of God in the Ukrainian Catholic Church (Bulk Order)


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Prepared and published by the Edmonton Eparchial Liturgical Commission. October 13, 2017.

The Divine Praises

The call to pray seven times a day – seven being a number that symbolizes fullness – is found in the Old Testament (cf. Ps 118[119]:164). Its purpose was to extend prayer throughout the day and thus sanctify each day with prayer. The same ideal was reaffirmed by the New Testament, where the Lord Jesus Christ Himself reminds us of the need to “pray always and not to lose heart” (Lk 18:1).

Early Christians continued the Jewish practice of reciting prayers at certain hours of the day and night. Prayers included the chanting of psalms, scriptural readings and the singing of hymns. Over time, the public worship of the Church developed into its own daily cycle of divine services, known as the Divine Praises or the Divine Office: Matins, the Hours, Vespers, Compline and the Midnight Service. Over the course of the centuries, the services were enriched by writings of the Fathers of the Church, and the composition of new prayers and hymns to reflect the different seasons of the liturgical year. To this day, the Divine Praises serves as a well-spring of grace, a source of spiritual nourishment, and a treasury of precious pearls for daily prayer and contemplation.

Despite the beauty and richness of the Divine Praises, the services are not easy. They require the use of several different liturgical books, and their full observance, eight hours in length, is possible only in monasteries. To allow for eparchial clergy and even laity to participate in the public prayer of the Church, an abbreviated form of the Divine Praises was published as one book, known as the Molotoslov or Breviary. Today, priests in the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church are obligated by particular law to pray one of the divine services from the Molytoslov during the course of each day.

You can view the PDF copy of this book for free on our Cathedral’s website here.

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