Redwater District

Pastor: Rev. Slavko Dumeč 

Parish: Sts. Borys and Hlib


5144 – 50 Street
Redwater, Alberta

Office Phone: (780) 467-6200

Service Schedule: (Please call parish to confirm service schedule.)

Sts. BORYS and HLIB Parish – Парафія свв. Бориса і Гліба

At the annual meeting of the parishioners of Cookville and Redwater on January 1952 the decision was made to build a new church in Redwater. The Imperial Oil Company sold the three lots to the Parish for $3.00 (the real value of the land at that time was $1,500.00.) They dedicated the new parish to Sts. Borys and Hlib – two Ukrainian martyrs of the middle ages. By the end of 1952 the basement has been constructed and Most Rev. Bishop Neil Savaryn visited the place on December 2 and expressed his admiration and support. The blessing of the corner stone was done on August 16, 1953. The carpenter in charge was E. Moryna. By 1960 the brick structure of the church was completely finished with electrical and gas heating. The design of the church was made by architect George Chornenko. The two founding parishes provided all the vestments, chalices, flags. The tabernacle was designed by Pawliuk and sponsored by A. Pukhaliuk family. In 1980’s Walter Malowany, president of the Parish council in Redwater, donated $41,000.00 for the wooden iconostasis with all the painting done by maestro Makarenko. The same painter from the United States did the wall painting in the church. By 1984-1985 a new parish residence was acquired. From the early days a UCWL was established and the membership was around 50 families.

The Parish priests were: Fr. Peter Iwanec (1950-1952), Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky (1952-1957), Fr. Demetrius Baziuk (1957-1964), Fr. Oles Zachariasewych (1964-1968), Fr. Peter Petryshyn (1969-1976), Fr. Basil Woloshyn (1976-1983), Fr. Paul Barabash (1983-1985), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1986-1995), Fr. Serhij Harahuc (1996-1998), Fr. William Hupalo (1999-2000), Fr. Janko Herbut (2001-2008), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Location: Athabasca, Alberta

Service Schedule: (Please call parish to confirm service schedule.)

Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish – Парафія Успіння Матері Божої

Location: Athabasca town: Lots 23 & 24, Block 4, Pl. 8672 S. (H.B. Res.), approx. 136 km. north of Edmonton; incorporated under Ukrainian Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Western Canada. The first beginnings go back to the early 1950’s. Fr. Stephen Chabursky invited the surrounding parishes to help buy a house with additional land in the town of Athabasca. The price was $2,750.00. Individual donations were made by the parishioners and friends. The surrounding parishes donated as follows: Richmond Park $750.00; Rossington $280.00; Halych $240.00; Meanook $227.00 and New Pine Creek $93.00. Donation came also from Bishop Neil Savaryn of $100.00 and from the Superior of the Basilian Fathers in Edmonton $300.00.

We have the names of the first founders of the parish: Mykhaylo Demchuk, Hryhor Bodnar, Stefan Vaslytsia and Petro Dyskont. Later others joined the parish: Danylo Bilida, Ivan Kiselytsia, Ivan Pakholok, Mykola Berezovskyi, two Vasyl(s) Kowalchuk and Stefan Bilida. Mykhaylo Demchuk, all made an effort to have a church in the town and not in the village.

On November 1, 1963 the Parish council decided not to buy a Roman Catholic church in Grosmont, but to build a new church. They contracted the job to Paul Husak in Edmonton and hired a carpenter by the name of Mykola Khashchivskyi. The Parish council took a loan of $6,000.00 from the bank. The corner stone was blessed in August 1964, and church was blessed by Bishop Neil Savaryn on June 25, 1967. In the presence of the pastor Fr. Peter Petryshyn and many priests and guests, Bishop Neil donated $700.00 and many other faithful followed his example with their own donations.


Parish: St. Nicholas

Location: Carvel, Alberta


St . NICHOLAS Parish – Парафія св. о. Миколая

The land for the church was purchased in 1927 and six acres were donated to the parish by Frank Askin in 1930. The church was built in 1930-1931, and the parishioners all volunteered to work on the construction in order to defray the cost of building. The nearest available lumber was in British Columbia and had to be freighted in by train, and then unloaded and hauled to the building site by the parishioners. The interior furnishings were donated or built by the parishioners, including the hand carved altar by Roman Veres. There are 2 acres of land for the cemetery, which was incorporated in 1933. St. Nicholas Parish in Carvel is using the Julian calendar. A priest came from Edmonton four times a year, and stayed overnight in homes of the parishioners. In the absence of the priest, the cantor was leading the faithful in prayer. When Bishop Basil Ladyka came to bless the church in May, 1936, he was escorted the mile and half to the church in procession by seven riders with banners on decorated horses. In spite of the hardships of the depression, a National Home dedicated to Fr. Markian Shashkevych (Narodnyi dim im. o. Markiana Shashkevycha) was built in 1935. In 1950 the parish bought one acre of land with a residence for the clergy. Fr. Basil Martynyk was the first resident priest in Carvel.

There were 3 vocations to the priesthood: Fr. Josaphat Tyrkalo, OSBM; Fr. Joseph Ostapowich and Fr. Austin Borynec.

The Basilian Fathers served the parish until 1948, providing clergy from Edmonton.

The following eparchial clergy served the Parish thereafter: Fr. Basil Martynyk (1950-1951) Fr. Constantine Stangret (1951-1957), Fr. Yaroslaw Fedunyk (1957-1959), Fr. Bohdan Snihurovych (1965-1986), sporadically Fr. Michael Gural (1969-1974), Fr. Myron Martynkiw (1986-1990), Fr. Mihajlo Planchak (1991-1992), Fr. Peter Lytwyn (1993-1996), several deacons, Fr. Peter Brezden (1999-2008) and Fr. Don Bodnar (2008- 2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Holy Eucharist

Location: Cherhill, Alberta

HOLY EUCHARIST Parish – Парафія Пресвятої Євхаристії

Church was built in 1938 in the centre of the community on two and half acres that were donated by Dmytro Shulhan. The first services were held in a private home by Fr. Roman Chomiak, CSSR, from Yorkton, Sask., who was visiting his family in Cherhill.

When the church was built, monthly services were held by the Basilian Fathers: Fr. Methodiius Hannas and Fr. Juvenalis Slota.

After the war, Eparchial clergy served the community: Fr. Michael Hawryluk (1950), Fr. Stephen Chabursky (1950-1952), Fr. Peter Iwanec (1952), Fr. Markian Bilyk (1952), Fr. John Chinchenko (1952-1960), Fr. Anthony Pawliuk (1960-1965), Fr. Bohdan Snihurowych (1965-1986), Fr. Myron Martynkiw (1987-1990), Fr. Mihajlo Planchak (1991-1992), Fr. Peter Lytwyn (1993-1996), Deacon Richard Nibogie (1997-1998), Deacon Michael Schaplowsky (1999), Fr. Peter Brezden (1999-2008), Fr. Don Bodnar (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Descent of the Holy Spirit

Location: Darling, Alberta

DESCENT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT [Holy Ghost] Parish – Парафія Зіслання Святого Духа

Location: 9 km. east from Newbrook. The church (30’x 24’) was completed in 1938. Attached to the church there are 2 acres of land for the cemetery. Stefan Chvyl incorporated the church on July 17, 1936. Basilian priests that served the community: Fr. Damascene Popovych, Fr. Paul Olinsky, Fr. Methodius Hannas and Fr. Juvenalis Slota. From 1958 Fr. Peter Moysiuk served the community; in the early 1980s Fr. Basil Woloshyn, Fr. David Motiuk. From that time the Parish priests of the Redwater district look after the parish needs: Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1984-1994); Fr. Serhiy Harahuc (1994-1999); Fr. Janko Herbut
(2000-2008), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).

Parish: St. Michael the Archangel

Location: Rossington, Alberta

St. MICHAEL Parish – Парафія св. Михаїла

St. Michael Parish in Rossington is located outside Rossington between Westlock and Barrhead: location: SE 18-60-1-5. The approximate distance to Edmonton is 95 km. The first Ukrainian settlers around Westlock and Barrhead arrived in the late 1920s. Most of them came from the Lemko district, especially the village of Balnycia, district Lisko, Sanik region, the border region between Poland and Ukraine. With the wave of immigration from Ukraine grew the desire for the Ukrainian settlers in this area to worship in their own faith. The very beginning of a church started with services held from house to house. The first priests came from Edmonton by bus to the Kawulych farm, were picked up by the parishioner where the service was held and they stayed overnight until Monday. Rev. Ireneus Procenty, OSBM, and Rev. Michael Hawryluk were two of the priests who held services at that time. At times, services were held at the Barrhead, Naples and Westlock Roman Catholic churches or in the house of Michael Hoblak. The first priest that ever came out had a three day service – he went from house to house for three days. Each day a service was held and dinner was served afterwards for all the parishioners.

Andrew Hoblak was one of the first infants baptized and confirmed by Fr. Michael Hawryluk in the church. Mary Kawulych and Ed Nehring were the first couple to get married in the church.

In the fall of 1951, plans for constructing a church began. Fr. Stephen Chabursky was the chief organizer and in the spring of 1952 a church was built with all the parishioners donating their money and Peter Iwankow made a special gift, owning a movie theatre in Barrhead. Mike Hoblak Sr. donated land for the site and ¾ of an acre was fenced off. Bill Hoblak became the head carpenter and the other parishioners helped. An executive was formed: Theodore Hnatko (president), John Hoblak (treasurer), Bill Hoblak (vice president) and Harry Pyshniak (secretary). Fr. Chabursky was coming by bus or hitchhiking from Athabasca and the people were donating $15.00 for the services. Although the church was without a roof, the first service was held in June of 1952 during the Zeleni Sviata (Pentecost). Traditionally on this day the church is decorated in green branches as it was done in Ukraine and grave services are provided for the deceased parishioners. In 1952 Fr. Chabursky left and Fr. Peter Petryshyn took over the Parish, using the bus as a way of communication until 1966. In 1966 Fr. Petryshyn purchased a car.

In the early 1960’s a ladies executive was formed: Anne Ewankow (president), Henriette Smerechynski (secretary), Mary Hobal (treasurer). In 1962 Bishop Neil Savaryn, assisted by The Right Rev. Mitrat Basil Laba and Fr. Petryshyn, came to bless the newly constructed church. In 1964 a cemetery next to the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Westlock was purchased. For many bigger church events, like funerals and weddings, the parishioners were using the Roman Catholic Parish in Westlock. In 1968 the church received new stucco and all labor was donated by Harry Pyshniak. In 1969 Fr. Petryshyn was assigned to Redwater and the neighboring parishes. Fr. Bohdan Karychyk served here well from 1969 until his passing in 1977. After that, for two years the Parish was served by different clergy, and many times Bishop Demetrius Greschuk did the substituting.

The following clergy served the Parish in the later years: Fr. Philip Shinduke (1979-1985), Fr. Richard Zuback (1985), Fr. Michael Kowalchyk (1985-1995), Fr. Don Bodnar (1996-1997), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1998-1999), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2001-2008), Fr. Don Bodnar (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).



Parish: Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Location: Eldorena, Alberta

Service Schedule: (Please call parish to confirm service schedule.)





Parish: Ascension of Our Lord
Location: Fedorah, Alberta

Service Schedule: (Please call parish to confirm service schedule.)



[wpspoiler name=”History of the Parish” ]ASCENSION Parish – Парафія Вознесіння Господнього

The first Ukrainian settlers started arriving in the early 1900’s. At the beginning there were 10 founding members with 20 children.

The church property was acquired in 1905, 6 km. west from the old train station Fedorah, near Bonaccord, approximately 40 km. from Edmonton. The church (40’ x 22’) was built in 1934-1936 for $1,175.00. There are also 2 acres for the cemetery.

In the early days the Basilian Fathers served the community: Fr. Juvenalis Slota and others.

The Eparchial clergy who served from 1950 were: Fr. Peter Ewanec (1950-1953), Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky (1954-1955), Fr. Dmytro Baziuk (1957-1964), Fr. Oles Zachariasewych (1964-1968), Fr. Peter Petryshyn (1968-1980), Fr. Basil Woloshyn (1980-1983), Fr. Paul Barabash (1983-1985), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1986-1992), Fr. Don Bodnar (1993-1997), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1998-2000), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2000-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: St. Anthony of Kyiv

Location: New Pine Creek, Alberta

St. ANTHONY of Kyiv Parish – Парафія св. Антонія Печерського

Location: NE Sec. 24, T.63, R. 22, W4M; municipality of Meanook. 40 km. from Athabasca and 22 km. from Colinton. First Divine Liturgy was celebrated in 1932 in the house of Mykhaylo Nimko by Fr. Theodor Dobko, OSBM. The church (34’ x 15’) was built in 1945 on the 2 acre parcel donated by Anton Nalesnyk in 1933. Founders of the parish were: Mykhaylo Nimko, Omelian Mykhayliuk, Anton Nalysnyk, Dmytro Pidhirnyi, Oleksa Podyo, Franko Adamkevych, Hryhoriy Beresten, Mykola Voznyi, Petro Khomiy, Mykhaylo Adamkevych, Ivan Adamkevych, Vasyl Nalysnyk. Later joined the parish the following families: Andriy Ivanykha, Dmytro Yavnyi, Volodymyr Yavnyi and Mykola Gidora. The church construction was done by: Oleksa Podyo, Hryhoriy Beresten and Mykhaylo Adamkevych and the final price was $2,000.00.

The following Basilian Fathers were visiting the community: Fr. Theodozy Dobko, Fr. Methodius Hannas, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Gregory Chmilar, Fr. Ireneus Procenty. Later the Eparchial clergy looked after the parish: Fr. Stephen Chabursky, Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky, Fr. Peter Petryshyn (1953-1968) and Fr. Bohdan Karychek (1969-1975). Many times a year the services had to be cancelled due to the poor road conditions. The younger generation was leaving the district in great numbers, so the community was diminishing rapidly. The grave services continue at the church cemetery to this day.


Parish: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Location: Radway, Alberta

ASSUMPTION of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish – Парафія Успіння Матері Божої

The town of Radway is located 77 km. north-east of Edmonton. The first Ukrainian settlers arrived at the turn of 1900’. The beginnings of the Parish go back to 1910, when T. Wenger donated 4 acres of his land for the church and the cemetery. The title of property was originally issued for: Bishop Nykyta Budka, T. Wenger, H. Sulyma and I. Faryna. In 1918 Bishop Nykyta Budka during his visitation in Radway asked the faithful to reconsider and transfer the possession to the Ukrainian Catholic charter in Alberta. The church and the cemetery are located 3 km. south of Radway. The contractor of the church building was P. Harapniuk having the support of T. Wenger, I. Faryna, I. Sulyma, H. Sumka, I. Kozowy, A. Kowal and other volunteers. The church (45’ x 24’) was completed in 1914, and Fr. Philip Ruh, OMI did the inside finishing work. Paintings were done by Peter Lypynsky in 1931. Bishop Basil Ladyka consecrated the church on May 29, 1932.

A new church hall was built in the 1950’s when Fr. Volodymyr Zholkewych was the parish priest. The Basilian Fathers built a rectory in 1940 and 2 priests were assigned to live there and serve the surrounding parishes and missions. After the Basilian Fathers the residence and the land were purchased by the Parish in 1954.

In 1981 the parishioners, together with their parish priest Fr. Michael Kowalchyk, celebrated their 70th Jubilee and invited Bishop Demetrius Greschuk of Edmonton and Bishop Jerome Chimy of New Westminster (a native of Radway) to concelebrate on this occasion. A dinner with speeches and greetings concluded the celebration.

The Parish was always proud of the positive work of the UCWL in their midst. BUCC and UCYC were also active in earlier days. In 1973 the Parish donated 2 acres of land to the Roman Catholic Sisters for a future hospital. The Sisters sold the land without building a hospital. It was a very disappointing situation for all the parishioners.

Basilian Fathers who served the community: Fr. Matthew Hura, Fr. Naucratius Kryzanowsky, Fr. Sozont Dydyk, Fr. Philip Ruh OMI, Fr. Ksenofont Rozdolsky, Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. George Zydan (1934-1936), Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk (1937-1948), Fr. Dionisius Dzygolyk, Fr. Martyrius Vincentaylo and Fr. Theodozy Dobko (1949), Fr. Andrew Truch (1950-1954).

The Eparchial clergy were: Fr. Volodymyr Zholkewych (1954-1956), Fr. Michael Gural (1956- ), Fr. Theophile Hurko (1963-1977), Fr. Michael Kowalchyk (1977-1985), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1985-1996), Fr. Serhiy Harahuc (1996-1998), Fr. William Hupalo (1998-1999), Fr. Janko Herbut (2000-2008), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Holy Eucharist

Location: Thorhild, Alberta

HOLY EUCHARIST ParishПарафія Пресвятої Євхаристії

It appears that before the parish was organized and the cemetery was acquired, the area was visited at least on one occasion by Fr. Basil Ladyka for the purpose of baptizing the children. It was on June 3, 1913 that Fr. Ladyka baptized about 6 or 7 children of various ages in the home of Henry Buhay, which is located about 3 km. east of the present church in the area of Egremont, sometimes referred to as “sand hills”. Then on August 29 th of the same year Fr. Ladyka came to have the Divine Liturgy in open air on the newly acquired cemetery. The faithful came on foot. There were no roads and no horses but a few homesteaders already had oxen. Ukrainian people started to settle this area around 1909 and the area was generally settled by 1914. The cemetery had 10 acres and the land was donated by Michael Horbach which was a part of his homestead and legally described as part NW-2-59-22 West of 4 th meridian, title No. 244-X-54. Through the efforts of a few faithful and energetic homesteaders such as Michael Horbach, Andrew Kozak, John Chmara, Fred Wercholuk, Kindrat Radomski and others, urged along by Fr. Ladyka, they started to organize and band together and formed a building committee. The first church building started on May 30, 1917 and was located 10 km. from the town of Thorhild. The cross was constructed by K. Olchowy from a few scraps donated by John Chmara. The church dimension was 18’ x 18’. To pay for the expenses the following was organized: Christmas caroling, voluntary donations, evening teas, picnics that yielded as much as $30.00. All work at the church was voluntary. The priest received a stipend for a visit between $3.50 and $7.00 which was collected at that time. The following Basilian Fathers from Edmonton were visiting by train: Fr. Basil Ladyka, Fr. Matthew Hura, Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Sozont Dydyk, Fr. Naucratius Kryzanowsky, Fr. Porphyrius Bodnar, Fr. Geoge Zydan, Fr. Josaphat Jean, Fr. Ksenofont Rozdolsky, Fr. Sophron Diakowich, Fr. Damascene Popovych, Fr. Teodorovich and Fr. Lohoway. On these rare visits the clergy had to provide services, baptisms, weddings, hear confessions, bless the graves, hold meetings and teach catechism. Finally in the 1930’s the visits were on a monthly basis with Fr. Paul Olinsky, Fr. Methodius Hannas and Fr. Juvenalis Slota as spiritual leaders. The first bishop of our Church in Canada, His Excellency Nykyta Budka, visited the parish on January 20, 1926. The families were growing and it was important to organize them into a parish family. There was a need of a new church.

The area was almost fully settled by about 1920 and families increased by leaps and bounds. Ukrainian pioneer families enjoyed many children and as the population increased it was fast becoming obvious that the church building was inadequate to accommodate the faithful. More and more people became active in the parish and were eager to help. Roads were being improved and 3 or 4 of the faithful had already acquired motor cars. There was another settlement of Ukrainians 20 km. north of the church at an area called Tudor which also had a small church built in the early 1920’s. It was in the 1930’s that Fr. Nicholas Kohut was serving the Egremont and Tudor parishes. The Tudor church was also much too small to accommodate its faithful. Fr. Kohut could foresee that in 20 or more years ahead the population would outgrow the church buildings, and he envisioned that a new church could be built in the hamlet of Thorhild by getting Egremont and Tudor parishes to amalgamate. Thorhild at that time was a thriving business centre located about midway between the Egremont and Tudor churches. A central church located in Thorhild at that time would have been ideal. Fr. Kohut’s proposal with the exception of one Egremont church member was vigorously opposed. There were other priests that followed and tried to promote the same idea. At the end each parish decided to build a new church on their own on the same location.

After World War II the young people began to leave the farms for large centres where work and pay opportunities were much more attractive. Many farmers sold their land to retire or to work in Edmonton. With the booming of Alberta economy due to the discovery of oil and natural gas fields, Thorhild began to provide city facilities. People were moving to Thorhild to retire. There were many young and older Ukrainian Catholics but no church in town. People in Thorhild were now beginning to clamor for a new modern church in Thorhild. Representations were made to the authorities requisitioning organization of a new parish in Thorhild. This permission was granted and Fr. John Chinchenko was assigned to Thorhild on April 27, 1952. Wheels were set in motion. Fundraising for land for the new church was begun by holding raffles, bingos, dinners, donations, memberships and bazaars. In the fall of the same year Fr. George Maly was assigned to Thorhild parish and became very active in obtaining land on which a church could be built in December of 1952. Credit must be given also to outstanding members of the parish, William Wacko and Nike Andrew. To start a fundraising for the church, Fr. Maly donated the first ten dollars on Sunday July 31, 1953. This was at that time a great encouragement. Among many forms of fundraising the traditional Ukrainian “Pushchennia” (pre-lent) dance was organized on February 24, 1954 with a gross receipt of $184.40. It became an annual tradition and by 1975 it grossed $3,954.00. Fr. Maly was replaced by Fr. Peter Iwanec, who served the community until 1957. A small cook house was built close to the temporary chapel to provide lunches for the faithful. The credit must go to the ladies of UCWL, who worked hard under difficult conditions. The ladies joined the UCWL in 1955, supported from Edmonton by Mrs. Anna Pryma.

In addition a cemetery plot was acquired in November 1956 but after awhile it was proved to be very unpopular. After many years of insecurity Fr. Peter Moysiuk called a meeting of all parishioners and a new building committee was in place on March 4, 1962 headed by Wm. Koscielnuik as president, Mike Chmara as secretary, Steve Butkowski as treasurer and two members at large Steve Kolach and Walter Bachynski. On September 28, 1968 a contract was signed with the builder, Husak Construction, for the price of $40,200.00 and blue prints prepared by Alf. Vetsch of Western Architects. On December 6, 1969 the contractor was paid for the work and modifications $41,577.00 and the local bank lent some money, with the pledge of the building committee to endorse the note for the money received. The work of building began. In the spring, arrangements were made with the Salesian Fathers in Edmonton to supply 24 pews and the main altar with payments extended over 18 months. On June 22, 1969 Bishop Neil Savaryn held his first Divine Liturgy in the new church with the blessing of the corner stone. Many dignitaries attended the event such as the mayor of Edmonton, William Hawryluk, Judge Bartman of Vancouver, Dr. Michael Sereda, Michael Senych, MLA, and many others. The total cost of the church with all the furnishings was $58,000.00 On June 18, 1972 Bishop Neil Savaryn attended the ceremony of burning the mortgage and at that time there were already a thousand dollars in savings.

After Fr. Moysiuk the following Eparchial clergy served the community: Fr. Rendall Yackimec (1986-1990), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1991-1995), Fr. Serhiy Harahuc (1995-1998), Fr. William Hupalo (1998-2000), Fr. Janko Herbut (2000-2008), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Descent of the Holy Spirit

Location: Waskatenau, Alberta

HOLY SPIRIT [Holy Ghost] ParishПарафія Зіслання Святого Духа

Location: town between Radway and Smoky Lake. The cemetery: SE 29-59-19-4: 4 acres of land were donated by M. Diachyshyn and were incorporated in 1941. The land for the church (72’ x 32’) was purchased from Woodward for $350.00 in 1950 and the construction began in 1950-1951. The contractor was Walter Gulka from St. Paul, Alberta. The cornerstone was blessed on June 17 th, 1951 and the church was blessed on June 14, 1970 by Bishop Neil Savaryn in the presence of Fr. Peter Moysiuk, Fr. Eugene Dmytruk, Fr. Peter Iwanec, Fr. Peter Petryshyn and the Parish priest Fr. Theophile Hurko. The church building with a finished basement (which was worked on in 1964) cost $35,000.00. In 1974 the Parish started their own branch of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League. The cantors in the parish: Dmytro Mulyk, Theodor Koziak, Michael Diachyshyn and Joseph Mychalchuk.

Basilian Fathers who served the community: Fr. Theodozy Dobko, Fr. Nicholas Kohut, Fr. Geoge Zydan, Fr. Epiphany Paschak, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Dionisius Dzygolyk, Fr. Sebastian Kurylo, Fr. Damascene Popowych, Fr. Athanasius Chimy, Fr. Martyrius Vincentaylo and Fr. Ambrose Wynnyk who started the new church building.

The Eparchial clergy provided later services: Fr. Volodymyr Zolkewych (1950-1956), Fr. Michael Gural (1956-1963), Fr. Theophile Hurko (1963-1976), Fr. Michael Kowalchyk (1977-1983), Fr. Philip Shinduke (1983-1984), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1984-1995), Fr. Serhiy Harahuc (1996-1998), Fr. William Hupalo (1998-2000), Fr. Janko Herbut (2000-2008), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Location: Waugh, Alberta

ASSUMPTION of the BVMЦерква Успіння Матері Божої

The first Ukrainian settlers started arriving from Ukraine in 1902. The church is located 60 km. north of Edmonton. The first church was built in 1904 and the first church members were: S. Gil, J. Sereda, S. Cheknita, N. Woyewidka, J. Strilchuk, Komarnycky, Ozhybko, S. Dasyk, Kostiw, S. Lashkiwsky, N. Kuzyk, Panchiy, Kilarsky, F. Bencharsky, Smerechynsky, O. Zilynsky and Leo Zilynsky. The church was incorporated on June 1, 1934.

A new church building was constructed in 1939 with three domes and a hall under the church. The first visits of our Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Nykyta Budka and Bishop Vasyl Ladyka were in the old church. Presently, there is one Divine Liturgy per month. A cemetery (1 acre) is attached to the church.

The Basilian Fathers were visiting the community from Edmonton: Fr. Sozont Dydyk, Fr. Matthew Hura, Fr. Basil Ladyka, Fr. Paul Olinsky, Fr. Theodozy Dobko, Fr. Methodius Hannas and Fr. Juvenalis Slota.

After World War II the Eparchial clergy provided the services: Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky, Fr. Demetrius Baziuk, Fr. Peter Petryshyn, (+1983), Fr. Basil Woloshyn, Fr. Paul Barabash (1983-1985), Fr. Anton Tarasenko (1986-1992), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1998-2000), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2000-2008), Fr. Don Bodnar (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Holy Eucharist

Location: Frains, Alberta

HOLY EUCHARIST Parish – Парафія Пресвятої Євхаристії

The 2 acres for the church and the cemetery were donated by Semen Yurdyga in 1941. The church (48’ x 28’) is located 26 km. from Prosperity and 64 km. from Athabasca. For the record we found the names of the faithful: Semen Yurdyga, Oleksa Hrycun, Mykola Sadlowsky, Theodor Kachor, Petro Nakonechnyi, Vasyl Osadchuk, Mykola Chopodaylo, Vasyl Burak, Prokip Woytowych, Olena Kuzyk, Petro Pusharskyi, Petro Broda, Mykhaylo Duna, Andriy Panchyshyn, Ivan Fedun, Petro Hewko and Vasyl Kornak.

Fr. Bohdan Karychek, serving the faithful for a long time, described them as very dedicated and supportive in all their activities. The community started to diminish in the 1970s’, when the majority of the faithful moved to Boyle.

The Eparchial clergy serving the Frains faithful were: Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky (1951-1953), Fr. Matthew Pawluk (1954-1957), Fr. Euthymius Melnychuk (1968-1969), Fr. Bohdan Karychek (1971-1978), Fr. John Kratko (1978-1985), Fr. Don Bodnar (1986-1997), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1998-2000), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2001-2008), Fr. Don Bodnar (2008-2013) and Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).

Parish: St. George

Location: Manly, Alberta

St. GEORGE Parish – Парафія св. Юрія

The Ukrainian settlers started arriving in 1904 (4 families), followed by 6 more families in 1907, and 19 more in 1911. The parish was organized in 1909, and the first church was built (1910) in the same year on 2 acres, donated by Ilko Krashevsky. The church tower was built in 1913 or 1914 and the bell was imported from Belgium. Money for the hall was donated by Mike Turlock and a Manly Parish Hall (“ Манлі Парохіяльна Зала”) was built in 1920 and sold in 1957.

The church was visited in 1917 by Bishop Nykyta Budka, 1936 by Bishop Vasyl Ladyka, 1955 and 1963 by Bishop Neil Savaryn, 1978-1990 Bishop Demetrius Greschuk. Later by Bishop Myron Daciuk and Bishop Lawrence Huculak.

Some of the early members of the parish: Peter Turlock, Dmytro Turlock, John Krashawsky, Stas Pytel, Mike Stecyk, Felix Florkewich, John Proch, John Danylovych, John Sabadaska, Fred Tyrkalo, Dmytro Mastaller, Mike Mastaller and their families. Later the following families arrived: Elias Markewich, Luke Pawlyk, John Wasylyshyn, Mick Comchi, Steve Puschak, Fred Tautchin, Fred Wasylyk, Steve Andrusyshyn, Harry Shaigec, Mike Kryskow, Nick Kryskow.

There were many baptisms performed at one service because the priests could not come regularly. Cantors were Philip Mykhailiun, Taras Borynec, John Burdaney and Peter Hasay. Peter Florkewich was the longest serving cantor (dyak) in the parish. In the absence of the clergy, the parishioners would gather together and Fr. Elias Markewich and William Mudry would lead the parish services. At one time there were about forty to fifty families who were members of the church. At this moment there are only few families left. Most of the people moved to the cities looking for jobs.

In the late 1940’s a new wave of Eparchial priests arrived in Canada from Ukraine, who were often married. Their names: Fr. Volodymyr Zholkewych, Fr. Constantine Stangret, Fr. Anthony Pawliuk, Fr. Yaroslaw Fedunyk, Fr. Michael Gural, Fr. Myron Martynkiw, Fr. Peter Lytvyn and Fr. Bohdan Snihurowich, who was the longest serving priest in the community.

Among the clergy the following Basilians were serving the parish: Fr. Matthew Hura, Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Porphyrius Bodnar, Fr. Basil Ladyka, Fr. Sozont Dydyk, Fr. Methodius Hannas, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Sebastian Shewchuk, Fr. Gregory Chmiliar, Fr. Basil Kaminetsky. In between Fr. Philip Ruh, an Oblate, served the community.


Parish: Holy Trinity

Location: Prosperity, Alberta

HOLY TRINITY Parish – Парафія Пресвятої Трійці

Location: SW., Section 34, T. 67, R. 19 of the 4 th Meridian, Municipality of Athabasca, Alberta. Prosperity was also known as Grassland. Mykola Cholach donated one acre of land for the church. The church is located 30 km. from Boyle and 48 km. from Athabasca. The Ukrainian settlers started arriving in 1929, but the first service was held in the house of Mykola Cholach in 1936 by Fr. Shopovych, OSBM. Construction of the church (48’ x 20’ x 14’) started in March 1937. Times were very hard but there were 15 willing families to build the church: Andriy Duban, Yakiv Skrypnyk, Hryhoriy Kramar, Mykhaylo Hrycun, Mykola Cholach, Trofym Kuc, Mykola Husiak, Ivan Pysyk, Mykola Rosa, Mykola Bereziuk, Yuriy Chamchuk, Ivan Sheremeta, Zakhar Lubchyk, Dmytro Chamchuk and Mykola Bereziuk. To have a permanent church service, the parishioners also built a residence for the clergy. The 2 acres of land were donated by Mykola Rosa and on November 25, 1949 it was registered under the title: The Ruthenian Greek Catholic Parish of Holy Trinity Prosperity, North Alberta Land registration District No. 240. To build the residence for $5,100.00, the parishioners of Prosperity, and also our faithful from the surrounding areas, donated their money: Boyle $500.00, Frains $150.00, Craigend $100.00. In 1932 Mykola Husak donated 2 acres of land for the cemetery, and Fr. Juvenalis Slota, OSBM, blessed it in 1933.

The following Basilian Fathers served the community: Fr. Damascene Popovych, Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Methodius Hannas, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Paul Hewko, Fr. Ireneus Procenty, Fr. Nicholas Kohut and Fr. John Chinchenko (1949).

The first permanent resident Eparchial priest was Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky (July 12, 1949-Oct. 2, 1953) followed by Fr. Matthew Pawluk (1953-1964); Fr. Peter Petryshyn (1964-1966), Fr. Euthymius Melnychuk from Boyle (1968-1969), Fr. Bohdan Karychek (1971-1978), Fr. John Kratko (1979-1985), Fr. Don Bodnar (1986-1997), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1998-2000), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2001-2008), Fr. Don Bodnar (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: St. John the Baptist

Location: Rochfort Bridge, Alberta

St. JOHN the BAPTIST Parish – Парафія св. Івана Хрестителя

Parish has 2 acres of land donated by Anton Shivak on April 11, 1932; 8 km. south of the town. The church (35’ x 22’) was built in 1937 and on July 7, 1939 Fr. Slota, a Basilian priest, celebrated the first Divine Liturgy. In 1940 there were 12 families and the Basilian Fathers visited the faithful 4 times a year. The names of the parishioners were: O. Kulchytsky, P. Roshko, R. Trynchy, A. Dzegola, L. Roshko, F. Bala, V. Myndiuk, B. Rekuta, P. Luniw, M. Chichak, V. Blahun, L. Luniw, I. Myndiuk, H. Zinyk, D. Tymaschuk, A. Shivak and A. Vrobleski.

The following Basilian Fathers served the community: Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Gregory Chmilar, Fr. Jerome Chimy, Fr. Sebastian Kurylo, Fr. Ireneus Procenty, Fr. Nicholas Kohut, Fr. Dionisius Dzygolyk.

From the Eparchial clergy the following priests looked after the parishioners: Fr. Eugene Bilyk, Fr. Stephen Chabursky, Fr. Petro Petryshyn, Fr. Michael Hawryluk, Fr. Peter Iwanec, Fr. Constantine Stangret, Fr. Anthony Pawliuk, Fr. Michael Gural, Fr. Bohdan Snihurowych (1972-1986), Fr. Myron Martynkiw (1987-1990), Fr. Mihajlo Planchak (1991-1992), Fr. Peter Lytwyn (1993-1996), Deacon Richard Nibogie (1997-1998), Fr. Peter Brezden (1999-2008), Fr. Don Bodnar (2008-2013), Fr. Slavko Dumeč (2013-).


Parish: Holy Cross

Location: Sandhills, Alberta


Parish: Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Location: Wildwood, Alberta