Edmonton: St. Nicholas

Pastor: Rev. Julian Bilyj

Location: 9507 Austin O’Brien Road, Edmonton, AB

Office Phone: (780) 466-6770

Website: www.stnicholasucp.ca

Service Schedule:(Please call parish to confirm service schedule.)

Sunday Liturgy:
10:00am (Bilingual)


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History of the Parish: St. Nicholas Parish – Парафія св. о. Миколая

Location: 9507 Austin O’Brien Road, Edmonton. In 1962 Bishop Neil Savaryn asked Fr. Bohdan Hanushewsky to establish a Parish in the Ottewell district of the city. In the spring of 1964 Fr. Anthony Pawliuk invited some Ukrainian Catholics in the Ottewell district to join Bishop Neil and several clergy in the blessing of the land designated for the future church. When the faithful decided to start the building of the church they elected Eugene Tchir to provide the leadership. The Parish took a loan of 30,000.00 from the Imperial Bank of Canada and $10,000.00 from the Ukrainian Eparchy. By the fall of 1965 the basement was finished and Fr. Pawliuk commenced the Sunday services. The church structure was built in 1972 and the first Divine Liturgy in the church was held on December 17, 1972. Major expansion to the front of the church was completed in 1989 resulting in a spacious vestibule and offices. A modern, fully-equipped kitchen was built in the church hall in 1992.

The clergy that served the community: Fr. Anthony Pawliuk (1966-1971), Fr. John Kratko (1971-1972), Fr. Bohdan Snihurowych (1972), Fr. Nicholas Diadio (1972-1992), Fr. Peter Brezden (1992-1997), Fr. Mark Bayrock (1998-1999), Fr. Paul Lysak (1999-2003), Fr. Myron Pyszcz (2003- ), Fr. Julian Bilyj (2013-).