Edmonton: Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Pastor: Rev. Janko Herbut

Location: 9003 – 153 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Phone: (780)-475-2770

Website: http://www.ehcucp.ca/

Service Schedule: (Please call parish to confirm service schedule.)

*Sunday (Summer)*
10:00 am Bilingual & English Alternating Weeks

*Sunday (Fall, Winter, Spring)*
9:00 am Bilingual
11:00 am English

*Last Sunday of each month: 1 Service only at 10:00 am, Bilingual*

Wednesday: 9:00am

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History of the Parish: Exaltation of the Holy Cross Parish – Парафія Воздвиження Чесного Хреста

Location: 9003 – 153 Avenue, Edmonton. The Church community started in 1977 in St. Albert with some members from the Parish of Holy Eucharist and with Fr. John Kratko as their spiritual leader. Sunday Liturgies (bilingual) were celebrated initially at the chapel in St. Joseph’s Seminary. Cantors were Frank Warawa, Julian Warawa and Andy Holowaty. Fellowship after Liturgy provided community formation. In the late summer of 1977, the Seminary was doing renovations and the site of the parish needed to be moved. The Messiah Lutheran Church, at 12520 – 135 Avenue, was purchased and the parish continued to work hard to pay the mortgage with donations of ‘Gold Bricks’, raffles, bake sales, dances, flea markets and bingos at the Knights of Columbus hall. In 1984, a three-quarter acre lot was purchased at the present location. After the sale of the church in 1986, Divine liturgies were held in the gymnasium at Dickinsfield Junior High School. The new facility, which was a dual-purpose church hall, was completed by March 1988. For many years the hall served as a place of worship for the active parish community. There was a church choir under the direction of Sylvia Yacey. The principal cantor, Peter Serink, was assisted by John Lukey, Annette Sawka, Ed Serink and Sylvia Yacey. In 1998, a monthly all-English Liturgy was initiated to encourage youth participation and Dawnita Diduck began directing the Holy Cross Singers for this Liturgy. Altar Boys, Children of Mary, Sunday School and First Communion classes were ongoing as well as many cultural activities. In 2006, approval was granted to construct a separate church on the adjacent land.

Parish priests who served the community: Fr. John Kratko (1977-1985), Fr. Philip Shinduke (1985-1992); Fr. Joseph Royer (1992-1996); Fr. William Hupalo (1996-1997); Fr. Don Bodnar (1997-2006); Fr. Gregory Faryna (2007-2008); Fr. Janko Herbut (2008- ).