LIMESTONE LAKE – St. MICHAEL Parish – Парафія св. Михаїла

 The first Ukrainian settlers arrived in 1898 from the village of Strilkivtsi, of the district of Borshchiw in Ukraine. The church property is located on 4 acres of land (NW S.31-T.56-R.17-4M), 2 acres acquired in 1904 and the other 2 in 1939. The Parish was established in 1904 and the first church was built in 1909; the second church (60’ x 40’) was built in 1939 for $3,800.00. A church residence was also built in 1934. The church’s location was also known as Wostok (Iwasiuky). The distance from the Parish to Wostok is 9 km. and to St. Michael is 13 km. The church was incorporated under the Greek Catholic charter in Alberta by the trustees themselves in 1939.

The first settlers and founders of the church were: D. Iwasiuk, O. Buga, P. Schur, I. Schur, O. Stelmach, J. Stelmach, D. Tomyn, A. Romaniuk, V. Hluchy, V. Soloniuk, N. Cymbaliuk, T. Zazula, M. Knysh and V. Luchka.

The parishioners, thanks to their outstanding artistic leaders Anton Litawsky (1917) and from 1924 Stephen Romaniuk (son of Ukrainian pioneers) worked hard with the youth in preparing concerts for different occasions. Even drama presentations were gperformed for the many interested viewers. Thanks to the efforts of the community a National Hall (Narodnyi Dim) was built in 1934 (Pl.36-54-18-4). After World War II Dmytro Hutsul looked after the cultural events, being also a cantor (dyak) in the church.

Spiritual care was initially provided by a Polish priest, Fr. Francis Olshevski (1898-1904). From 1904 the Basilian Fathers from Mundare provided the spiritual care: Fr. Sozont Dydyk (1910, 1915-1923, 1926), Fr. Basil Ladyka (1915-1917 & 1919-1925), Fr. Anthony Strotsky, Fr. Matthew Hura (1915), Fr. Naucratius Kryzanowsky (1910, 1915-1920), Fr. Epiphanius Teodorowich (1922), Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Porphyrius Bodnar (1922, 1926), Fr. George Zydan (1927-1928), Fr. Sozont Dyakowich (1927-1928), Fr. Basil Kamenetsky, Fr. Neil Savaryn (1935), Fr. Paul Olinsky, Fr. Athanasius Chimy (1938-1940), Fr. Nicon Horechko, Fr. Andrew Truch, Fr. Ignatius Lesiuk, Fr. Markian Pasichnyk, Fr. Lawrence Dzygolyk, Fr. Orest Zaseybida (1944-1946), Fr. Victor Soroka (1945), Fr. Marian Horishny (1947), Fr. Tarcisius Iwanyshyn (1947), Fr. Patrick Paschak (1948).

The Eparchial clergy who served the community were: Fr. Basil Chopey (1949) and Fr. Eugene Dmytruk (1950-1980).

From 1980 the following Basilian Fathers served the Parish: Fr. Sylvester Kuzel (1980-1983), Fr. Vincent Prychidko (1983-1986), Fr. Ignatius Holowaychuk (1986-1988), Fr. Daniel Wach (1989-1991), Fr. Paul Chomnycky (1992-1993), Fr. John Sembrat (1994-1995), Fr. Josaphat Tyrkalo (1996), Fr. Theodosius Machinski (1997-2000), Fr. Matthew Drury (2000-2006), Fr. Gabriel Haber (2006-2012), Fr. Daniel Wach (2012- ).