Holy Spirit Seminary Seminary:

Holy Spirit Seminary is the Major Seminary of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada. It also welcomes candidates from elsewhere. Its primary purpose is the preparation of candidates for ordained priesthood in the Catholic Church. This preparation for eparchial ministerial leadership embraces and promotes spiritual formation, theological education and field training. The Seminary pursues its calling to form candidates as responsible and apostolic persons for the service of the Church and world by fostering: faithful love for Jesus Christ, his Church and all people; commitment to hand on faithfully the tradition, teachings and history of the Church; commitment to the exploration of the mysteries of faith through sustained scriptural and theological inquiry; and communal life through faith, prayer and wisdom.


Sheptytsky Institute for Eastern Christian Studies:

The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies (MASI) is an autonomous academic unit of the Faculty of Theology of the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) in the University of Toronto (U of T). It specializes in Eastern Christian Studies, including the theology, spirituality, liturgy, history, and ecclesial polity of the Eastern Christian Churches, both Orthodox and Catholic. The Institute focuses on all four families of Eastern Churches: Eastern Orthodox, Pre-Chalcedonian, Assyrian and Eastern Catholic.

Founded in 1986 by Father Andriy Chirovsky at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, the Sheptytsky Institute moved to Ottawa’s Saint Paul University in 1990. In 2016, MASI signed an agreement with USMC paving the way for its move to Toronto. Since July 1, 2017, MASI has been an autonomous academic unit within USMC’s Faculty of Theology and part of the Toronto School of Theology, an ecumenical consortium of 7 colleges.


Newman Theological College:

Newman Theological College (NTC) is a Catholic School of Theology committed to theological education and missionary discipleship. The college prepares laity, religious, and ordained ministers for Christian service and leadership in Western Canada and beyond. NTC recognizes, respects and supports the diversity of churches and church traditions within the Catholic communion, both Eastern and Western Catholic. Courses in Eastern Christianity are offered and the Eastern Christian perspective is incorporated into existing courses wherever possible.

Catholic Schools in Alberta:


Covenant Health:

Covenant Health provides quality health care to all Albertans. Its mission is to serve with compassion, uphold the sanctity of life at all stages and serve the whole person body, mind and spirit.