Eparchial Liturgical Commission

The Eparchial Liturgical Commission (ELC) of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton




The Eparchial Liturgical Commission (ELC) is comprised of clergy, religious, monastics, and lay representatives from within the Eparchy as well as external experts to whom the commission can turn as resource people. All members are appointed personally by the Bishop. The current members of the ELC are:

Bishop David Motiuk, Eparch of Edmonton

Fr. Danylo Kuc,

Fr. Peter Babej, Chair

Fr. Stephen Wojcichowsky, Chancellor

Hieromonk John Sembrat, O.S.B.M.

Hieromonk Theodosy Kraychuk

        Fr. Irenej Valyavka, O.S.B.M.

Dr. Melanie Turgeon



The ELC is authorized to publish liturgical bookets, texts, and musical notation for official use, with episcopal approbation, in the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton (UCEE).

The Commission avails itself of pastoral experience, academic expertise, and external resources to provide eparchial clergy and faithful with sound liturgical practices in keeping with the liturgical patrimony of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church.

The ELC promotes and endeavors to improve the liturgical life of the UCEE in the following ways:

  • Studying and researching liturgical issues;
  • Advising the Eparchial Bishop on liturgical matters;
  • Providing ritual and liturgical texts and books for use in the Eparchy;
  • Overseeing the preparation of liturgical educational materials;
  • Regulating pastoral liturgical action throughout the Eparchy and promoting studies and necessary experiments for matters of adaptation;
  • Maintaining relations with the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission and Synodal Liturgical Committee.



 The Director of Liturgy serves as a resource person for the Eparchial Liturgical Commission. The Commission determines its own agenda and oversees the work of the DIrector. Thus, the Director answers to, and is responsible to, the ELC. The responsibilities of the Director of Liturgy include the following:

• Manages, coordinates, and facilitates the activities of the ELC

– together with the chair, helps to guide the work and objectives of the ELC

– helps with scheduling time, work and resources allotted for proposed projects

• Oversees the translation and preparation of liturgical texts for the eparchy

– undertakes or supervises research and prepares studies as required

– directs and coordinates the translation (where necessary), piloting, editing, and preparation of liturgical texts for the UCEE

• Provides expertise in the area of liturgy and worship for the bishop and clergy of the eparchy

– advises the bishop on liturgical matters regarding the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Alberta

– oversees consultations as needed in the area of liturgy

– prepares liturgical celebrations for special occasions as required in the eparchy

• Serves as resource person of the ELC

– under the direction of the commission, prepares its meetings, maintains minutes of meetings, and assures necessary follow-up

– drafts correspondence relating to liturgy and the activities of the commission as required

– prepares reports for the bishop and eparchial clergy as directed by the commission

• Maintains relations with the Patriarchal Liturgical Commission and Synodal Liturgical Committee

• Performs related duties as assigned.


Liturgical Polices and Directives:
Funeral Rites in the Eparchy of Edmonton – (July 1, 2005)
Applying the Liturgical Prescriptions of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches– Congregation for the Eastern Churches (January 6, 1996)

Approved Publications for Use:
PDF – Proclaiming the Word of God (TEXT) – Basic Skill for Readers
PDF – Proclaiming the Word of God (CARD) – Basic Skill for Readers

PDF – Episcopal Divine Liturgy 2012

Texts Under Review:
Great Vespers (Eng/Ukr) 2013
Christian Initiation of Infants 2012 FINAL
General Introduction to the Christian Initiation of Adults – (DRAFT)

Upcoming Liturgical Commission Projects:
PDF – Projects for 2013