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Ukrainian Catholic Council of the Edmonton Eparchy: Centralia

The Ukrainian Catholic Council functions at the Eparchial (Provincial) level. Its Executive, which consists of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, is elected at the Eparchial Conventions which are held biannually. The Executive works together with the Eparchial Presidents of the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada, and the Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada, who become Constituent members of the Council, with our Bishop as the Spiritual Advisor and Director. Meetings are held in the Chancery Office as often as deemed necessary.

The primary function and responsibility of the Ukrainian Catholic Council is to represent Ukrainian Catholic lay organizations within the Eparchy. With the advise and encouragement of our Bishop, the Council promotes appropriate activities and functions. It is the umbrella organization that works in conjunction with the lay organizations within the Ukrainian Catholic Church at the Eparchial level.

The Ukrainian Catholic Council coordinates functions such as:

Eparchial Conventions
Annual Celebrations honoring our Bishop
Eparchial Celebrations as the need arises

The Ukrainian Catholic Council for the Term 2009-2011 consists of the following members:

Spiritual Advisor: Most Rev. David Motiuk, Eparchial Bishop
President: Edward Kostyshen
Vice-President: Patty Faulder Zakordonski
Secretary: Helen Sirman
Treasurer: Ed Hladunewich

UCWLC Eparchial President: Barbara Hlus
UCBC Eparchial President: John Boyko
UCYC Eparchial President: Christina Mandrusiak
K of C President: Dr. Bohdan Kuzyk


Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood Council



Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League



Ukrainian Catholic Youth Council




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