Eastern Churches

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The Eastern Christian Churches – A Brief Survey (6th edition) by Ronald Roberson, CSP

Eastern Catholic Churches

1.  The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Major Archepiscopal)
2.  The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (Major Archepiscopal)
3.  The Maronite Catholic Church (Patriarchal)
4.  The Melkite Greek Catholic Church (Patriarchal)
5.  The Romanian Greek Catholic Church (Major Archepiscopal)
6.  The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church (Major Archepiscopal)
7.  The Armenian Catholic Church (Patriarchal)
8.  The Chaldean Catholic Church (Patriarchal)
9.   The Eparchy of Mukacevo
10.  The Hungarian Greek Catholic Church
11.  The Coptic Catholic Church (Patriarchal)
12.  The Slovak Greek Catholic Church
13.  The Ethiopian Catholic Church (Metropolitan)
14.  The Eritrean Catholic Church (Metropolitan)
15.  The Ruthenian Apostolic Exarchate in Czech Republic
16.  The Syrian Catholic Church (Patriarchal)
17.  The (Ruthenian) Byzantine Catholic Church USA (Metropolitan)
18.  The Italo-Albanian Greek Catholic Church
19.  The Apostolic Exarchate for Serbia and Montenegro
20.  The Eparchy of Krizevci, Croatia
21.  The Apostolic Exarchate in FYROM (Macedonia)
22.  The Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church
23.  The Greek Catholic Church in Greece and Turkey

Communities without hierarchy

Russians, Belarusans, Georgians, Albanians

The Orthodox Churches

The Autonomous Churches
1. The Orthodox Church of Mount Sinai
2. The Orthodox Church of Finland
3. The Orthodox Church of Japan
4. The Orthodox Church of China
5. The Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church

Canonical Churches Under Constantinople
1. The American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church
2. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and Diaspora
3. The Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe
4. The Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America
5. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Churches of Irregular Status
1. The Old Believers
2. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate and Ukrainian Autocephalous Church
3. The Belarusan Autocephalous Orthodox Church
4. The Macedonian Orthodox Church
5. The Old Calendar Orthodox Churches

Oriental Orthodox Churches

The Assyrian Church of the East

The Thomas Christians