MUNDARE (MOSKALYKY) – TRANSFIGURATION Parish – Парафія Преображення Господнього  

Location: Section 36, Bl. 53, Pl. 16 W, 4M (12 km. north east of Mundare – 40 acres of land were given to the church by the government. It is often called Church on Moskalyk property (“Tserkva na Moskalyku” or “Tserkva na Moskalykakh”) in honour of Hryhoriy Moskalyk, born in Volchkivtsi, district of Sniatyn, Western Ukraine. He came to Canada in 1899, and retired later in Myrnam, Alberta. At the beginning there were 35 active members and 25 non active. After the First World War in the twentieth century there were approximately 1,000 people of Ukrainian descent: 200 Ukrainian Catholic, some Orthodox members so called “svystuny” (under leadership of Svystun), many communists and non believers. Founders of the parish were people from two districts in Ukraine: Sniatyn and Brody, e.g. Ivan Zvarych from Tulova, Sniatyn district arrived in Canada in 1900; A. Zaozirnyi, Chmiliar and Petro Siratskyi came from Bilivtsi, Brody district, also in 1900. Petro Siratskyi was especially dedicated to the church, the clergy and sponsored a new 750 kg. church bell for $950.00 in 1939. People like Oleksa Lesiuk, Semen Gulievych and Yosyf Tymchyshyn arrived in 1899 from the Brody district. The first spiritual care was provided by a Polish priest, Fr. Francis Olszewski. The first Ukrainian Catholic priest who served the community was Fr. John Zaklynsky from Star and had services in the homes of I. Zvarych, Petro Siratskyi or Oleksa Lesiuk. From 1903 or 1904 the Basilian Fathers (Fr. Platonid Filas, etc.) provided the services. A small church (36’ x 20’) was built in 1904 and served the community until 1924 when a new church (60’ x 46’) was erected, costing approximately $8,800.00. The church was painted by M. Lysakowsky in 1935. A church tower was added in 1938. In 1903 a cemetery, 4 acres of land, was acquired and blessed by Fr. Platonid Filas, OSBM.

For many years two Basilian Brothers were cantors: Br. Adrian Karpa and Br. J. Waryk. Other cantors were: W. Gregoriychuk and H. Terebenets.

Bishop Nykyta Budka visited the church in 1926 and Bishop Basil Ladyka in 1928.

The following vocations came from the Parish to the Basilian fathers: Dionisius and Lawrence Dzygolyk, Myron Daciuk and Stephen Chmilar, Sister Augustine Hawryluk, SSMI, and Sister Naucratia Hawryluk, SSMI.

Basilian Fathers looking after the Parish were: Fr. Platonid Filas, Fr. Mark Romanowych, Fr. Andrew Truch, Fr. Athanasius Chimy, Fr. Ireneus Procenty, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Orest Kupranec (1950-1954), Fr. Myron Daciuk (1955-1956), Fr. Soter Pidskalny (1957), Fr. Josaphat Konchak (1971-1972). From 1983: Fr. Myron Chimy, Fr. Sylvester Kuzel, Fr. Josaphat Konchak, Fr. Myron Krywucky, Fr. Vincent Prychidko, Fr. Juvenalis Slota; in 1984: Fr. Myron Chimy, Fr. Harry Boretsky, Fr. Josaphat Konchak, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Meletius Solovey, Fr. Vincent Prychidko, Fr. Myron Krywucky, Fr. Myron Chimy (1985-1986), Fr. Lawrence Huculak (1987-1996), Fr. Justin Ewaschyshyn (1997-2001), Fr. Ignatius Holowaychuk (2001-2008), Fr. Serafym Grygoruk (2008- ).