MEANOOK – St. DEMETRIUS Parish – Парафія св. Великомученика Димитрія

The original name of the parish was: The Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church of St. Demetrius. Location: NE Sec.33, T. 64, R. 24 W of the 4 th Meridian. The church is located 40 km. from the town of Athabasca and 16 km. NW of the Meanook. The 2 acres of land were donated by Ivan Padlecky in 1933. Originally there were 18 families and 20 children in the parish. The Ukrainian population came originally from two different districts in Western Ukraine: village of Rybno, district of Kosiv and village of Lany, district of Bibrka. Few people came from Radekhiv and Drohobych regions. The Ukrainian population here was poor. The idea to build a church (30’ x 20’)came from Vasyl Zakhoda and the founders were: Roy Loziak, Vasyl Moroz, Ivan Padlecky, Mykhaylo Monastyrsky, Ivan Krysa, Pavlo Ventsak, Petro Hasay, Ivan Pavliuk, Vasyl Chvil; joined later Vasyl Kiselytsia, Mykhaylo Doroshenko, Mykhaylo Pakholok and Ivan Kiselytsia. Fr. Petryshyn estimated the membership approximately 15 families. The younger generation was looking for a better opportunity in the cities. In addition the community suffered from a negative influence of the Communist hall located 12 km. from the church. The services for the faithful as well all the church belongings were transferred to the church in the town of Athabasca starting in 1952 and by the early 1960’s the parish life was discontinued.

Basilian Fathers looked after the community: Fr. Damascene Popovych (the service organizer), Fr. Methodius Hannas, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Ireneus Procenty.

Later the Eparchial clergy provided the services: Fr. Bohdan Lozynsky (1950), Fr. Stephen Chabursky (1951-1952), Fr. Peter Petryshyn (1953-1960).