MALOY – ASCENSION Parish – Парафія Вознесіння Господнього

The Parish is located 24 km. north of Glendon.

The church (24’ x 16’) was built in 1937 and a one acre cemetery was purchased in 1938. Originally there were 5 families, although the district had many Ukrainians but were not practicing their faith. The founding members were: Vasyl Kuzhil, Vasyl Laniuk, Kost Tchir, Fedor Tsizha, Ivan Hrab and Prokip Lokshyna.

The first priest to serve the community in 1936 was Fr. George Zydan, OSBM, in the house of Vasyl Laniuk. Later the Eparchial clergy provided the services: Fr. Michael Hawryluk (1949), Fr. Michael Gural (1950-1955), Fr. George Maly (1956), Fr. Dmytro Hnat (1957-1968), Fr. Ivan Makuch (1983-1985).