LAMONT – St. JOHN the BAPTIST Parish – Парафія св. Івана Хрестителя

Originally the Ukrainian Catholic faithful of the town of Lamont, who arrived here in 1912, were attending the churches in Chipman, Star and Skaro. The first settler and his family (Nykola Markovskyi) arrived from the village Rusiv, Sniatyn district.

In 1937 Fr. Matthew Sianchuk, OSBM, had the Divine Liturgy at the home of J. Letawsky, and later Fr. Nicholas Kohut, OSBM, in the home of Pylyp Pavliuk. In 1940 after the Christmas celebration the parishioners had their first Parish meeting, presided by Fr. Kohut. The following were elected to the new parish council: Mr. Vasyl Ozibko (vice-president), Mr. P. Pavliuk secretary) and Dmytro Horpyniuk (treasurer). A few days later 3 acres of land were acquired behind the school for $100.00. The official transfer of the land happened on June 16, 1941. The Praznyk (feast of St. John the Baptist following the Julian calendar) was celebrated by Fr. Kohut in the presence of hundreds of faithful from the surrounding areas. The first Parish picnic was held on the newly acquired land. In 1941 the parishioners purchased a school building for $150.00; transfer of the school was $195.00 and the foundation $130.00.

The history of the parish is connected with the Basilian Fathers in Mundare. From there the spiritual assistance was given by Fathers: Matthew Sianchuk (1937-1938), Nicholas Kohut (1937-1940), Lawrence Dzygolyk (1941-1942), Epiphany Paschak (1943), Mark Romanowych (1944), Gregory Chmilar (1944), Eugene Bilyk (1944-1945), Orest Zaseybida (1945-1946), Gregory Chmilar (1946), Benjamin Baranyk (1947), Victor Soroka (1948), Sylvester Kuzel (1980-1983), Vincent Prychidko (1983-1986), Ignatius Holowaychuk (1986-1988), Daniel Wach (1989-1991), Paul Chomnycky (1992-1993), John Sembrat (1994-1995), Josaphat Tyrkalo (1996), Theodosius Machinski (1997-1999), Matthew Drury (2000-2006) and Gabriel Haber (2006-2012), Fr. Daniel Wach (2012- ).

Two Eparchial priests also served the community: Basil Chopey (1949-1952) and Eugene Dmytruk (1953-1980).

The Parish also provided our Church with vocations: Fr. Stephen Chmilar (later Bishop of Toronto, Ont.), Basilian priests: Josaphat Tyrkalo, Damien Weleshchuk, Mark Zazula; and Sr. Taida Mary Letawsky, SSMI.