BOYLE – HOLY SPIRIT [Holy Ghost] Parish

BOYLE – HOLY SPIRIT [Holy Ghost] Parish – Парафія Зіслання Святого Духа

The church (26’ x 20’ x 15’) was built in 1940 in the center of the town. The contractor was J. Herman and the parishioners volunteered their own time and effort. The land assigned for the church 7 km. north of the town was incorporated much sooner in 1932 and serves as a Parish cemetery. The founders of the Parish were: Hrabowy, Hutsul and Lehky; later others joined: Petro Makulyn, Ilija Tsiapa, Volodymyr Mykulyn, Mykhaylo Vashchuk, Semen Choma, Oleksa Mykulyn, Matviy Chomliak, Stepan Shmyrko and Pavlo Dribnenky.

The Basilian Fathers who first served the missionary church were: Fr. Josaphat Tymochko, Fr. Methodius Hannas, Fr. Juvenalis Slota, Fr. Paul Hewko, Fr. Ireneus Procenty and Fr. Nicholas Kohut.

From 1949 the Eparchial clergy provided the services: Fr. John Chinchenko (1949-1954), Fr. Matthew Pawluk (1954-1964), Fr. Euthymius Melnychuk (1967), Fr. Bohdan Karychek (1970-1978), Fr. John Kratko (1979-1985), Fr. Don Bodnar (1986-1997), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1998-1999), Fr. Stanislav Bjeli (2000-2007).

With a dwindling number of parishoners, the parish was closed in 2007. A closing Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Bishop David Motiuk on July 15, 2007.