As a part of the Edmonton Eparchy’s Evangelize 2021 Plan, Bishop David announced the creation of Parish Hub, an online website where individuals can access and share information that is directly related to developing, growing, and managing our parishes.


Parish Hub is both an administrative and ministry resource for pastors, parish pastoral councils, committee members, and all parishioners. Here everyone can find support related to communications, youth ministry, religious education, finance, operations, and fundraising. The Hub is housed on our eparchial website and provides quick access to articles, forms, documents, templates, videos, and other tools on topics related to parish life.


Since Parish Hub is web-based, content is available to everyone and it is easy to add and update new information at any time, while also making it easy to print off specific documents. It is also collaborative in that parishes can share their recommendations with others. Sections for sharing parish best practices and the different ways parishes across our eparchy have found success in their ministry are being developed.


Why Parish Hub? As part of our Eparchy’s Evangelization Plan (To Know God, To Love God, and to Serve God), Parish Hub provides the means for parishioners to explore options and opportunities to grow and better serve their parish.


We’re also listening to your ideas and feedback! Send us your requests for content and information that you think would benefit your parish directly on the Parish Hub homepage! We also welcome your content on best practices your parish has been engaging in to help share more with parishes around our eparchy. This can be done on the homepage and can be done anonymously. Parish Hub is for parishioners and made by parishioners. We look forward to your participation!


To learn more about how our Eparchy is sharing the good news, learn more about Evangelize 2021 and Bishop David’s 3-Point Evangelization Plan here: