MANNING – ASCENSION Parish (Парафія Вознесіння Господньог)

In 1951 Pavlo Bilozor donated the land for the church. The parishioners decided to first build a parish residence so the priest would be able to visit Hotchkiss and North Star parishes. Some time later the residence burned down. Slowly many people from the surrounding parishes were moving to Manning for retirement. Fr. Demetrius Baziuk suggested to the faithful to build a church on the vacant land. Between 1972 and 1977 the church was built and Bishop Demetrius Greschuk consecrated it on August 28, 1977. The church (30’ x 60’) has a developed basement with a hall and a kitchen. The people selected Walter Yasinsky to be in charge of the construction. His and the parishioners’ efforts were tremendous. In 1977 the Parish had 35 members. The priest from Grande Prairie was coming twice a month to serve the faithful.

The Eparchial clergy that served the community were: Fr. John Malaschuk (1950-1951), Fr. Peter Moysiuk (1952-1954), Fr. Euthymius Melnychuk (1955-1957), Fr. Omelian Nakonechny (1958-1959), Fr. Bohdan Karychek (1960-1967), Fr. Demetrius Baziuk (1967-1970), Fr. Philip Shinduke (1972-1976), Fr. Richard Zuback (1984-195), Fr. Benny Ambrose (1986-1992), Fr. William Hupalo (1993-1995), Fr. Ivan Nykyforuk (1996-2003), Fr. Gary Sedgwick (2003-2008), Fr. Taras Kraychuk (2009-2010), Fr. Roman Planchak (2010-).