By Jayne L. Buryn, Communications Coordinator, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

“Archbishop Joseph was a true friend and mentor,” reflects Most Reverend Bishop David Motiuk, of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton, on the passing of Edmonton Catholic Archdiocese Archbishop Emeritus Joseph N. MacNeil. “As a young Chancellor, I welcomed guidance and advice from Archbishop Joseph, a fellow Canon lawyer, on a variety of topics.”

A Nova Scotia native, Most Reverend Joseph MacNeil passed away on Sunday, February 11, 2018, after 70 years as a priest and more than 48 as a bishop. He was 93 years old.  

Bishop David noted that he and the Archbishop worked on a number of projects together, giving one example of such teamwork.  “At the recommendation and with the support of Archbishop Joseph, the Eparchy of Edmonton co-founded an Inter-Diocesan/Eparchial Ecumenical Commission, working together towards greater Christian Unity.”

The two hierarchs “shared a love and passion for Catholic education,” and both were honoured with having schools named after each of them.

“While mourning his loss,” concludes Bishop David, “I rejoice in knowing that His Grace now enjoys the eternal reward which awaits him in the Kingdom of God.”

For more information about Archbishop Emeritus Joseph MacNeil, see the Archdiocese news release: PDF News Release