A new resource for parish catechists and Catholic school educators has just been released! A learning guide for young students is now available entitled,

“Our First Bishop” – The Story of Blessed Bishop and Martyr Nykyta Budka – First Bishop for Ukrainian Catholics in Canada’ is a learning guide for young students. It introduces readers to the world of Ukrainian Catholic leaders at a time when Canada was itself taking shape as a nation. Students will gain a broader understanding of how the story of ‘Our First Bishop’ fits into the broader scheme of history, while making connections to modern times.

The reader will discover who Nykyta Budka was as a young boy, how he came to be a bishop, what he did in Canada and ultimately, how he came to be called Blessed. The storyline itself is complemented with historical photographs and artifacts. A variety of teaching graphics will help link many historical themes to children’s lives today. In addition, a ‘Words to Know’ feature will help understand specific vocabulary pertinent to the story. Catechists will appreciate the ‘What is a Holy Relic?’ and ‘Steps to Sainthood’ features.

The guide was designed to be used as an entire teaching unit, or in parts as independent mini-lessons. Although suited best to grades 5 to 8, there are many components of the guide that can be utilized independently to suit younger grades. Kindergarten and Grade One educators, for example, may choose the icon coloring page to introduce Blessed Nykyta to their students. Grade Three Level might choose to focus on the Coat of Arms.

For Catholic schools, there are numerous opportunities to link some of the activities such as, ‘Look at the Photograph’, with the school curriculum. In addition, there are a variety of activities (maze, word search, crossword puzzle etc.) to engage the student and to bring some fun into learning.


The booklet is available to download and print from the following links (choose black & white or full color version):

“Our First Bishop” color PDF

“Our First Bishop” black & white PDF

Entire document OR individual pages may be selected.

The project was funded by a grant from the Catholic Foundation of Manitoba.


Download (PDF, 9.37MB)

Download (PDF, 5.11MB)