God’s Martyr, History’s Witness: Blessed Nykyta Budka the First Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Bishop of Canada has been published by the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton and the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies.


A private launch for contributors and benefactors took place on 22 August.


The first public launch will take place at Verkhovyna, St. Josaphat Cathedral Hall, Edmonton Friday, 24 October 2014, at 7:00 in the evening.

For the time being, the book is available only through the Edmonton Eparchial Chancery  at a cost of $25


An abridged table of contents of the 650 page book:


God’s Martyr, History’s Witness, the first complete historical biography of Bishop Nykyta Budka, is about to be published by the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton in conjunction with the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies.

Copies of the 600+ page book, containing numerous photographs, will be available for purchase from the Edmonton Eparchy at the cost of CAD $25.

“With this publication, the name and life of Blessed Bishop Nykyta Budka will find their proper place in the history of Ukrainians in Canada, in Canadian Catholic history, and in the history of Ukraine.”  – Dr. Stella Hryniuk, Forward

Below is an abridged version of the table of contents:

Archival and Published Sources – Terminology – Division – Abbreviations

Historical Importance – Genesis of the Book – Specifics to Church History – Commendation from the Vatican Congregation for the Eastern Churches

Chapter 1. Pastoral Care for Ukrainians in North America
Immigration to the United States and Canada – Calls for a Ruthenian Bishop – Apostolic Visitations to North America – Nykyta Budka’s Early Life – The Selection Process – Nomination – Journey to Canada

Chapter 2. “The Need to Organize”
Incorporation and Statutes – First Pastoral Letters – Relations with Roman Catholic Clergy –  Decree Fidelibus Ruthenis – Ukrainian Clergy and their Churches – Education and Sisters – Finance and Administration – Proselytism

Chapter 3. The First World War
Pre-War Memoranda – The Summer of 1914 – Two Pastoral Letters – Under Suspicion – Clergy Investigated and Arrested  – Forbidden to Leave Canada – Ukrainians Interned – Arrest in Hafford – Exoneration and Naturalization –Ukrainian Independence – The Canadian Ukrainian Orthodox Movement

Chapter 4. The Post-War Years
New Recruits – Challenges with Secular Clergy and Religious Orders –  Deteriorating Health – Surgery and Convalescence  – Request for an Auxiliary Bishop

Chapter 5. Bishop Budka’s Resignation
Calls for Budka’s Resignation – 1927 Annus Horribilis – Ad Limina Visit to Rome – Leave of Absence – Papal decision – Resignation – Final Pastoral Letter

Chapter 6. From Rome to Lviv
Obstacles to Becoming Auxiliary Bishop – Choosing a new Bishop for Canada – Financial Conundrum – Canadian Citizen to the End

Chapter 7. Nykyta Budka Returns to Western Ukraine
Ministry in the Lviv Archeparchy – Lay Organizations – Rebuilding Zarvanytsia Shrine – Response to Holodomor

Chapter 8. Martyrdom for the Faith
Two Soviet Occupations – The Arrest of the Hierarchy – Trial – World Reaction – Imprisonment and Death – Earthly Rehabilitation and Glorification – In Search of a Martyr’s Grave

Chapter 9. Conclusion
Failings – Successes – Evaluation – Not the Last Word

Timeline – Bibliography – Index of Proper Names and Places