What is WYD?
World Youth Day is a Catholic Church event for young adults 18 to 35*. While the event itself celebrates the Catholic faith, the invitation to attend extends to all youth, regardless of religious convictions.

“Go and make disciples of all nations” from the gospel of Matthew (29:19).

In 2013 WYD will be in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Edmonton Eparchy will be going to Brazil in July for the pilgrimage.

What is a Pilgrimage?
Going to World Youth Day is not a vacation. Pilgrimages involve many challenges, from unfamiliar or scarce food, to very simple lodgings with few amenities (sometimes the only showers available are cold, outdoor ones), to long wait times and huge crowds, to missing/being late for/having to leave early from key events. God has a plan for each person and his or her pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is to be open to Godʼs graces.

WYD – Our Itinerary
Pilgrims who will be traveling with the Edmonton Eparchy for the entire WYD trip (between July 9 – 31, 2013) will have the following activities schedule (currently tentative):

Week One – pilgrims will arrive in Curitiba and will tour to Prudentopolis, Iguassu Falls, and Birdʼs Park. We will have a chance to spend some time within the Ukrainian community, to watch  Ukrainian dance performances put on by various groups, and to explore a little along with our guide Father Methodius.

Week Two – Week of Mission – this is our chance to get to know the locals and to give back to the community which will accept us into their country and their homes, and will help us along on our spiritual paths. Pilgrims will be divided into smaller groups and will spend their days helping out in the community, whether the need is in orphanages, homeless shelters, or family farms.

Week Three – Official World Youth Day! After the 15 hour bus ride to Rio de Janeiro, pilgrims will have many chances to take part in various events organized specifically for them. These events will include the Papal Mass, the overnight Vigil, Stations of the Cross, and many others. This is where we will meet the 3-4 million other youth

What happens in the week of World Youth Day in Rio?
World Youth Day: July 22-28, 2013
We will attend catechesis sessions each morning with Ukrainian Catholic English-speaking Bishops for three days. The afternoons will be free to spend time doing spiritual activities outlined in the WYD Cultural

Guide and doing tourist-type activities. Organizers in Brazil are advising that pilgrims go out in groups of 4 or more at all times.

More detailed information on the daily schedule of events is yet to come from the WYD organizers. Opening day of World Youth Day, pilgrims will attend the Opening Ceremony at Copacabana Beach.

On Friday evening, the Stations of the Cross are presided over by the Holy Father. It is also likely that there will be a “Love and Life Center”, a home base for English-speaking pilgrims which will offer a number of excellent speakers and events. It is also a great opportunity to meet other English speaking pilgrims from around the world. On Saturday, July 27th, we should be able to do a pilgrimage walk to the final Mass site. If pilgrims choose to participate, they will need to bring their sleeping bag and all supplies required for sleeping outdoors that night. If there are pilgrims who do not wish to walk, public transportation will likely bring them fairly close to the site. Once they have arrived at the site, it is generally another long walk to the groupʼs assigned seating area. In the past there have not been firm arrangements for group space. The Pope will lead evening prayer for the vigil, and the pilgrims will spend the night sleeping under the stars. The Pope will celebrate Mass in the
morning, and then pilgrims will return, very slowly, to their accommodations.

What will we do after WYD?
We will move from the simple accommodations to a hotel. Monday, July 29 will be a day the Pilgrims will be able to do whatever they want for the entire day. Tuesday, July 30 will be a day of retreat and celebration day.

Return Travel to Canada: July 31st.

Cost and Payment Schedule
At this point, we can tell you that the Rio WYD 2013 will not go higher than $5000.00 CAD. We are currently working at making this price go down, however the total amount will depend on the number of pilgrims and other factors beyond our control. This includes all flight to Brazil from Edmonton to Curitiba and Rio. Your transportation during our regular scheduled tours and travels, your WYD registration and package. Simple meals and lodging (most lodging will be in school/church basements) and WYD swag.

Fundraising within your parish is encouraged.

Fill out the WYD 2013 registration form (see Fr. Bo) and mail or drop off the form with $100 deposit.

Payment Schedule:
Registration Deposit – $100 by December 15, 2012
Payment 1 – $1000 by January 15, 2013
Payment 2 – $1500 by March 1, 2013
Payment 3 – $1500 by April 15, 2013
Final Payment – May 15, 2013

Please note that payment is provided as such to book flights and make payment arrangements in Brazil.

To ensure that this pilgrimage is for you a short interview with Millie Schietzsch (Youth Director) will be arranged. It can be in person or

We will be preparing as a group for WYD with sessions starting January. The website will be continually being updated. If there are questions that havenʼt been answered in this email please call, text or email me and I will try and provide the answers.

God Bless,
Millie Schietzsch
Director of Youth Ministry
Eparchy of Edmonton