The Church is constantly called to renewal. The Eparchy of Edmonton’s response to this call is the 25 Year Pastoral Plan. One theme within the Pastoral Plan is youth showing their faith with other youth. This is where iWitness comes in. Youth often work best when they are given the opportunity to use their talents. This is especially true when it comes to their faith! iWitness is an interactive contest intended to lead youth to further encounter Christ and become missionaries in their own communities through our Eastern Christian tradition.

iWitness resembles Canada’s Got Talent. Children and youth will showcase the way they bear witness to the Lord working in their lives through: drawings, pictures, written works (including poetry, short stories, narratives, etc.), videos, or combinations of these. Within each of the grade links on the home page, you can view a variety of examples of different submissions. Once children and youth have submitted their projects, all people can visit the website’s different grade links and look through and vote on their favourite projects.

iWitness is a method for young people to use their talents to share their faith with other young people through the social media (the internet). iWitness is an attempt to make a connection between Church on Sunday and the rest of the week.

Starting Oct 6 youth can put their drawings, pictures, writing, or videos on for all to visit and vote on. The project with the most votes wins a monetary prize for their school, and a personal prize.