Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Set our hearts on fire with your love, Lord; allow them to already be set ablaze. Make fountains of living water to well up in us, springs of water flowing unto eternal life, offered to the little ones, such as these. Allow us to learn from You who are meek and humble of heart, to learn to welcome all as you welcomed them. Place Your easy yoke on us and allow us to take up the joyful burden of following in your footsteps, carrying our crosses and helping others with theirs.

Strengthen us with Your courage Lord, so that when pressed to go a mile for someone, we may go another as well. Inspire in us the awareness that your love did not stop with feeding the five thousand, but with becoming true food and drink, in the offering of your very body and blood to nourish us, your children.

Allow us never to shut you out of the stable of our hearts, but instead to make room in the inn of our souls, purifying it to make it a true temple for your Holy Indwelling. Grant us constant memory of your commission to love others as you have loved us, and allow us eyes to see your Divine Image reflected in all those we meet. Lord, as you healed the paralytic, heal our paralysis of spirit when we are tempted to ignore the needs of our neighbors. When we are tempted to pass by on the other side of the road, allow us to learn from you, who helped humanity to the shedding of your blood and surrendering of your very life. For you are the unsown wheat who saved the world and to you we give Glory, together with your Un-Originate Father and your All-Holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, now and forever and ever. Amen.

Mike and Kim Bombak

Saint Josaphat Cathedral