Vatican City, 4 February 2015 (VIS) – At the end of today’s catechesis the Pope launched an appeal for an end to the violence among the “beloved Ukrainian people”. “Unfortunately, the situation is worsening”, he said, “and there is an escalation of hostilities between the parties. Let us pray firstly for the victims, many of whom are civilians, and their families, and let us ask the Lord for an end, as soon as possible, to this horrible fratricidal violence. I renew my heartfelt appeal that every effort be made – also at an international level – to resume dialogue, the only way possible to restore peace and harmony to this ravaged land”.

“Brothers and sisters”, he continued, “when I hear the words ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’, I feel great suffering, a great sadness in my heart. These are not the right words: the only right word is ‘peace’. This is the only right word. I think of you, Ukrainian brothers and sisters. … Think, this is a war between Christians! You have all had the same baptism! You are fighting among yourselves, with other Christians. Think of this scandal. And let us all pray, so that our prayer might be our protest before God in this time of war”.