A Prayer for the Clergy of the Edmonton Eparchy

Bishop’s Prayer Breakfast, June 7, 2012


O Christ, our High Priest, we thank You for the clergy of the Eparchy of Edmonton, for their faithful service, and for their Christ-like example.

Pour out Your blessing on the Eparchial and Basilian clergy of our Church as they continue to preach the good news to the people of Alberta.

Make them men of prayer, so that they may teach others how to pray as You taught your holy disciples. Nourish them with Your Holy Word, so that they may preach it faithfully.

Teach them to love the beauty of Your house, so that the celebration of the liturgy may be a sign of Your glory and love.

Bless the families of married clergy with peace, gentleness and mutual love. Help the husbands, wives and children of our clergy families to support each other, and to be examples of Christian life within the Church.

Sanctify our celibate clergy so that their lives may be a sign of Your love for all people.  Strengthen them in their vocations, and encourage them through the support and fellowship of their fellow clergy.

Bless the Basilian fathers, brothers and other monks of our Eparchy in their ministry of prayer and service.

Grant all clergy the zeal of the Holy Spirit that they may work courageously to help build vibrant parishes for the renewal of our Church, leading others to encounter You, the living Christ!


Seminarians – Cyril Kennedy, Andrij Nykyforuk, and Tobias Underwood